NC. battleship fleet down in Providence

TMC Archives 2015-05-20

In Providence on 05/19/2015 at 1900 in the system of VKI-T7,  Providence Bloc Sov holders Curatores Veritatis Alliance were joined by neighboring allies The Volition Cult and several others to successfully defend their home against the invading forces of Northern Coalition. This battle likely took place as continued harassment from NC who recently took Providence sov in Y-MPWL from The Volition Cult just days before.

BR - NC Provi 5/19/15

Northern Coalition FC Lex Arson‘s fleet of Artillery Tempest Fleet Issues were quickly eliminated by Provi’s fleet consisting mainly of Nagas, Tornados, and a wing of bombers. NC. taking heavy losses reaching nearly 30 billion ISK while only inflicting 3.45 billion ISK in damages to the ProviBloc forces. With the defending Provi having nearly twice as many ships on grid, this fight ended in under 12 minutes resulting in the loss of three of NCs Archons : Archon1, Archon2, Archon3.

TMC has reached out to members of Provi and NC for comment and will update this article with their responses if they are received.

For now, public commentary on this battle can be found on these reddit posts :  Invest in Minmatar LP, NC Dumpstered by Provi.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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