Low Sec and Null Sec combine forces against Snuffed Out


In Black Rise on May 18th at 2200 Eve Time in the system of Hallanen, Gallente Militia pilots caught Snuffed Out supers outside of a POS. Shortly after the initial tackle was made, Gallente Militia pilots were reinforced by Northern Coalition. and Did he say Jump, with pilots from Black Legion., Pandemic Legion, Mordus Angels, Circle of Two, and many, many others joining in on the fray. Snuffed Out was was able to prevent any supercarrier loss and inflicted just under 67 billion ISK in damages at a cost of 63 billion ISK. A link to the battle report can be found here.

This video was shot from the perspective of Northern Coalition.

Snuffed Out used an armor super fleet with Archon slowcats and a Proteus fleet for support. Gallente Militia used dreadnoughts supported by armor battleships and an army of heavy interdictors, but as one would expect with such a ragtag group of alliances, there was more than just one doctrine on the field. A Naga fleet flown by Waffles, Ishtar fleets by the Legions, Proteus by Northern Coalition., and an interceptor fleet by Mordus Angels, were also brought to bear against Snuffed Out along with a host of smaller groups with seperate doctrines.

Video from the perspective of a Mordus Angels interceptor

This conflict is part of a series of engagements as Snuffed Out and Gallente Militia continue to fight in Black Rise. Snuffed Out had been reportedly attacking towers in the region, including this particular tower coming out of reinforced that prompted the engagement. The militia responded with a similar escalation as a fight almost a month ago, but this time with many more friends. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach the Gallente Milita or Snuffed Out for comment at the time of publishing.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Set’s Chaos.

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