ALOD: Notorious double whammy


Keikaken in the Forge was the scene of two extraordinary ganks today involving the same aggressors and the same victim.

Conor Notorious McGregor, a one month old character, lost a 20 billion isk officer-fit Drake Navy Issue to a small gang of Tornados. In spite of the Drake’s high resists and X-Type Large Shield Booster, the Drake died so quickly that not all the Tornadoes present could get on the kill, nor needed to. Three Tornados were sufficient to destroy what is probably one of the most expensive Drakes ever undocked.

It must be assumed his hardeners were off since if they were on, three Tornadoes would not have been enough to kill him in one volley:

With hardeners off he becomes vulnerable:

Mr Notorious was offline at the time of writing along with all those on the killmail, so we can only assume that his flying a Drake Navy Issue after such a short time in the game attracted the attention of the Tornado pilots. But even they must have been astonished to see the value of their killmail.

Again we see another example of a new pilot, no doubt with extensive experience in other online games, learning the hard way that his gaming experience elsewhere translates badly to the world of Eve. In this world, the best modules money can buy will not make much difference if you don’t know what you are doing.

But the story does not end here. Undeterred after losing his Drake, Mr Notorious immediately reships to a 500 million isk officer-fit Tayra which is also promptly dispatched to a place of honor in hauler heaven.

Why Mr Notorious undocked in such a ship mere moments after losing his Drake is open to speculation. One has to wonder what he was going to haul in it.

Mr Notorious then managed to also lose his pod.

Whatever it was that Mr Notorious was trying to achieve, he at least lived up to his name. His name will now be on the watchlists of all the gankers in New Eden. Under the tab ‘Notorious’.

This article originally appeared on, written by Ion Blacknight.

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