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The Real Hero of Providence: Lumio en Tilavine

Johnny Crowe 2018-06-01

Header art by Mintaki Warrior. Poet. Revolutionary. Hero. These are the words used to describe a pilot who this reporter half-heartedly believes chased off the PL menace from Providence. I recently had the honor to sit down and talk with…

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Providence: Legacy trades Fortizar for Titan

Rhivre 2018-05-31

Header art by: Empanada In the early hours of May 29, explosions rocked the system of Y-MPWL in Providence, where Legacy coalition has been fighting to capture the region from Pandemic Legion. Surprisingly though, it was not Pandemic Legion who…

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Breaking: Capital Brawl in Providence Kills 56b ISK Rorq

Arrendis 2018-03-01

An ongoing capital brawl has broken out in 8P9-BM in Providence between Pandemic Legion and Curitores Veritatis. The fighting has claimed a 56b ISK Rorqual flown by Doomchincilla of PL as one of its victims. The pod was also destroyed,…

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Providence Update: Provi-Bloc Holding PL at Bay

JMoravia 2018-02-03

A lot has gone down in Providence since Pandemic Legion invaded on January 5, but perhaps the biggest story is what hasn’t gone down.  Before Friday, January 26, PL had been active in Providence for 21 days and yet had…

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PL Blockade Wakes Up Providence

JMoravia 2018-01-17

There were rumblings for all of December in the normally quiet nullsec region of Providence that Pandemic Legion was coming, and the dam finally broke two weeks ago. On Friday, January 5, PL dropped an Infrastructure Hub in the system…

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CVA Turns The Tables On Panfam In D-G

Macky Avelli 2017-11-28

Another CVA vs Panfam skirmish took place in the evening hours of November 27. This time the fighting occured in Providence’s system of D-GTMI.  We’ve reported on the Providence action in the past, and now here we are again. INN…

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It’s a Trap! – PL Dreads Massacred in 3D- by TEST/Provi Forces

Hopeful Turtle 2017-10-23

What happened? At 2046 EVE on October 21, a Provibloc fleet headed by Jin’taan warped into contact with a routine PL fleet led by Killah Bee in the system of 3D-CQU. The two sides exchanged volleys for a few minutes,…

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PanFam Drops A Raitaru in Provi, Provokes 121b loss Battle

Macky Avelli 2017-09-08

Reports came in to the INN News Desk earlier today about action in 3D-CQU involving PanFam and the Provi-bloc alliances with CVA at the helm. CVA did wind up destroying their target, but at a heavy cost. We got the…

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Submission 2015-09-07

(Editor’s Note: Today’s submission comes to us from Aryth, an old-school Goon who’s been playing EVE since 2005. These days, he exists primarily in the metagame, running both GSF Finance and GARPA, the team behind tools like the GARPA Topographical…

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Submission 2015-08-26

On August 24, the Imperium began its assault on the Providence bloc with the intent of destroying their Activity Defence Multipliers (ADM) by popping all their iHubs in the name of the true emperor, Maximilian Singularity VI. What initially began…

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Imperium Invasion of Providence Announced

Arrendis 2015-08-23

The Imperium’s long-awaited Providence invasion has come. In a public address to the collected Imperium pilots, The Mittani announced the timetable for the initial deployment fleets, and the overall Imperium strategy for the Providence invasion. That timetable is ‘immediately’. A…

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Provibloc Gets in Tangle with Drifters during RP Event

TMC Archives 2015-06-29

During an official ceremony decreed by the Empress of the Amarr Empire herself, a Drifter Armada consisting of at least 100 Drifter ships entered the system Sarum Prime on 27 June 2015 at approximately 16:54 EVE Time. The timeline of events…

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NC. battleship fleet down in Providence

TMC Archives 2015-05-20

In Providence on 05/19/2015 at 1900 in the system of VKI-T7,  Providence Bloc Sov holders Curatores Veritatis Alliance were joined by neighboring allies The Volition Cult and several others to successfully defend their home against the invading forces of Northern Coalition….

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-A- Threatens To Invade Providence

TMC Archives 2013-08-31

During the recent departure of The Initiative (INIT.) from the Catch Region, the Volition Cult (VOLT) alliance from the Providence bloc (ProviBloc) struck a deal with INIT to transfer G-AOTH, KA6D-K, and three other systems in northern Catch to VOLT’s…