-A- Threatens To Invade Providence


During the recent departure of The Initiative (INIT.) from the Catch Region, the Volition Cult (VOLT) alliance from the Providence bloc (ProviBloc) struck a deal with INIT to transfer G-AOTH, KA6D-K, and three other systems in northern Catch to VOLT’s control. The systems were originally supposed to be transferred to VOLT by THORN Alliance, the previous tenant, but the transfer was deemed not possible at the time. VOLT agreed to pass on some of the systems later after obtaining them.

Against ALL Authorities (-A-), however, had other plans. The ProviBloc and Against ALL Authorities have a long history of border conflicts between Catch and Providence, which have led to historic conflicts and battles in the region. The current border dispute doesn’t seem to be shaping up any differently. When INIT attempted to transfer their territorial claim unit (TCU) in KA6D-K to VOLT, -A- anchored their own TCU. VOLT managed to destroy the -A- TCU with the assistance of the other ProviBloc alliances. Against ALL Authorities promptly returned the favor, destroying the VOLT TCU and flipping the station. This flipped the system into -A-’s control who then further escalated the situation by dropping sovereignty blockade units on the G-AOTH system.

In the ensuing negotiations about the future of KA6D-K and the other four systems that were supposed to be transferred, Against ALL Authorities made it clear that they wanted all the systems for themselves, and if the ProviBloc alliances do not comply with the demand, -A- would consider expanding their empire into Providence.

Once more the ProviBloc has to decide whether or not to pick a fight with Against ALL Authorities over the systems in Catch. While some seem to be eager to get into the fight, others seem to be more cautious. The situation becomes even more unpredictable as the recent conflict between the ProviBloc and Of Sound Mind (SOUND) has shown that many entities are eager and willing to deploy to the region to intervene in the fight on either side.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sorgenkind

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