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PSA: Triglavian Invasion in New Player Hub

mistwarden 2019-09-23

As we all know, the Triglavian Collective has been invading high-security space in recent months, and following the most recent patch, they have expanded their invasion front further to include low-sec. However, low-sec areas are not the only place the…

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Drifter Onslaught—What We Know, What We Think, What We’ve Heard

Arrendis 2019-07-01

On Wednesday, June 26, Drifter forces began attacking capsuleer structures all over New Eden’s null-sec regions. The sudden assault came as a surprise (though some have claimed ‘I totally knew it was coming’), and reinforced or destroyed structures from Esoteria…

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Drifter Invasion: Nullsec Response

Rhivre 2019-06-29

During a Fireside chat on June 29, The Mittani announced that during the day, an escalation in Drifter activities in nullsec had been observed, with increased spawns from those seen the previous days. The Imperium had 170 structures attacked by…

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The End of New Eden As We Know It?

mistwarden 2019-05-14

The future of EVE Online has been revealed after pieces of the puzzle were slowly revealed and the dark dangerous nature of it all has been laid bare, and to be honest I don’t think we’re ready for what lies…

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Attack on Fort Knocks

Moomin Amatin 2018-12-12

Masters Of Their Domain Hard Knocks have been top dogs in wormhole space in Eve for many years, but they have also not been content to keep themselves within the spooky domain of wormholes. They have frequently stepped out into…

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H1Z1 Invasion Update: Controlling the Center of the Board

TMC Archives 2015-05-23

this is our dam, scrub H1Z1 INVASION UPDATE: CONTROLLING THE CENTER What a difference three weeks makes: we may not be the best FPS players in the world, but no one can out-adapt or out-organize our community when we go…

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Imperium Invades H1Z1

TMC Archives 2015-05-01

On May 1st at approximately 19:45 UTC, The Mittani issued a call to arms and announced The Imperium’s official invasion of H1Z1. The Imperium will take the level of manpower and organisation found in EVE coalitions, and apply it to the sandbox…

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-A- Threatens To Invade Providence

TMC Archives 2013-08-31

During the recent departure of The Initiative (INIT.) from the Catch Region, the Volition Cult (VOLT) alliance from the Providence bloc (ProviBloc) struck a deal with INIT to transfer G-AOTH, KA6D-K, and three other systems in northern Catch to VOLT’s…

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31: Lessons from a Failed Invasion

TMC Archives 2009-11-01

Invasions are one of the more common events in nullsec, yet they are always the focus of intense interest, captivating the attention of the playerbase. The vast majority of invasions fail, with the aggressing alliance falling afoul of the defender’s…