Imperium Invades H1Z1


On May 1st at approximately 19:45 UTC, The Mittani issued a call to arms and announced The Imperium’s official invasion of H1Z1. The Imperium will take the level of manpower and organisation found in EVE coalitions, and apply it to the sandbox that Daybreak has created.

H1Z1 Needs Villains

Given that the average H1Z1 “group” is around 2-5 players with little long-term planning, Daybreak has invited The Imperium to shake up the game world and show players what real sandbox gameplay looks like. To encourage participation, Daybreak has given Imperial forces a generous starter kit of cosmetic items, including the fabulous His Regards machete.

So far, hundreds of Imperium players have joined the campaign for the domination of several H1Z1 servers, which officially kicked off with this announcement speech.

The Imperium Needs You

A part of showcasing truly organized group play is in encouraging players of other sandbox games to get interested in playing EVE. H1Z1 is analogous to EVE in some ways, by providing a world with full PVP, full looting, and the ability to build up a stronghold for your forces.

H1Z1 Is Only the Beginning

The Imperium will reach out and invade other games in due course, applying strong organisation to unorganised sandboxes and providing an enjoyable alternative experience to EVE. However, EVE remains the core game of the Imperium, and always will.

Watch the speech. Prepare. The Imperium is coming.

This article originally appeared on, written by Ryan Vincent.

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