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Battle Report: BlackOps In The Backfield

Elthar Nox 2021-08-04

The Initiative crushed any hopes of a PAPI sneak attack during the last assault on the O-EIMK constellation. Before the first Keepstar started unanchoring, a major battle engulfed the Imperium’s last remaining systems. Critical to that fight was the clash…

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Battle Report: The Assault Begins

Elthar Nox 2021-07-30

And so it begins. The assault that we have all been waiting for has commenced. At 1300 EVE on July 30, Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins sent a ping to the PAPI mega coalition for Harpies – and from there it…

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Deconstructing Seir: Truth and “Truthiness”

Submission 2021-06-21

Author’s Note:  This piece is written by Malcanis as a direct response to Seir Luciel’s disingenuous and dishonest piece of longform agit-prop, published 16th June 2021 “What’s Papi’s Caus Belli?: Too Big To Fail vs Allowed To Lose” As a…

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Battle Report: Brawl in the O-EIMK Trenches

Elthar Nox 2021-05-22

PAPI and the Imperium got down and dirty in a bloody Friday night brawl in the O-EIMK constellation. Legacy FC Progodlegend (PGL) pinged for a “Friday Fight Night” and was not disappointed, as the two warring coalitions traded over 300bn…

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To Legacy, with love, from INIT

Aneu 2021-03-24

We are fast approaching a year of World War Bee, the biggest and bloodiest fight to have ever occurred in EVE Online, and there is very little evidence of it slowing down.  Fountain of Glass On June 21st 2020 Imperium…

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INIT Offers Couch to TDSIN Post Eviction

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-21

The Initiative <INIT> announced April 19 that The Deep Space Initiative <TDSIN> has accepted an offer to temporarily set down roots in their space after initial move ops had been completed around April 17. This followed a series of devastating…

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Imperium Joins Fighting Against Hard Knocks

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-09

While the CSM were holding their winter summit with CCP, chaos struck the system of J164430 on March 5th. Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and several other K-Space null groups poured into the system to evict TDSIN. The move came while Exookiz,…

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Titan Tackled, Battle Erupts

Calyle Morrison 2020-03-01

At roughly 19:11 UTC carnage struck the Pure Blind system of EC-P8R on Saturday, February 29. Coalitions and alliances clashed together after members of the United Federation of Conifers (UFC) tackled a Siberian Squads (SB-SQ) Titan. This came in a SB-SQ move…

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BREAKING: CCP Releases Final Rubal Report: BANS OVERTURNED

Arrendis 2019-04-25

CCP has reversed their initial findings on Brisc Rubal and two other members of The Initiative. (INIT). Two weeks ago, a dev blog indicated that three individuals from INIT were being banned for a breach of confidentiality and illicit in-game…

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“Knocked Out”

Sister Bliss 2018-12-18

Leadership Update #58, 16/12/2018, “Knocked Out” A week ago we launched a surprise assault on “Hard Knocks” within the wormhole system of J115405, otherwise known as “Rage”, our target to destroy the first Keepstar citadel to have been built –…

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Imperium War Update: Day 11 – Thump and Grind

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2017-08-15

With the first ten days of the deployment done, it’s time to analyze what’s happening in this campaign so far. Warning: strategic autism follows. The Chessboard – Day One: Before we deployed, our enemies were dispersed across multiple fronts, too…

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A Rapid Descent Into Disorder

Sister Bliss 2016-12-11

“Supers on field, supers on field!” The words resounded, and like a battle cry they echoed through the Mumble channel. A cyno was lit and the titan pilot activated the jump portal array; the Machariel fleet leaping through space into…

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-A- Threatens To Invade Providence

TMC Archives 2013-08-31

During the recent departure of The Initiative (INIT.) from the Catch Region, the Volition Cult (VOLT) alliance from the Providence bloc (ProviBloc) struck a deal with INIT to transfer G-AOTH, KA6D-K, and three other systems in northern Catch to VOLT’s…