RAZOR Loses Station System Uncontested


Despite Insidious Empire’s (EMP) loss of multiple fleets and capitals to RAZOR Alliance and Black Legion (MEN.) during a recent attack on the 58Z-IH station, EMP is picking up the pace and continuing the attacks against RAZOR Alliance systems in Cobalt Edge. With their initial success in quickly taking the CUT-0V system due to unrepaired sovereignty structures, they were able to cut off the entire DA0V-R constellation and destroy the jump bridge anchored in CUT-0V.

Even with the threat of attacks on their capital fleet by Black Legion looming, Insidious Empire committed capitals and supercarriers to destroy three infrastructure hubs in the RAZOR Alliance station systems of 0B-VOJ, 58Z-IH, and E0DR-G, all in the DA0V-R constellation. With only the stations remaining in the systems, ownership hinges on the final station timers.

On August 31st at 11:31, Insidious Empire jumped in a fleet of six supercarriers, seven carriers, eleven dreadnoughts and some sub-capital support ships into OB-VOJ. After attacking the station without any reaction from RAZOR, they proceeded to destroy the RAZOR Territorial Claim Unit and placed their own.

The remaining stations in the DA0V-R constellation will leave final reinforcement soon, the first ones on September 1st around 08:00 and the last on the 2nd at 18:00.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Unknown.

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