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The Scope: Blood Raider Shipyards Attacked

Arrendis 2017-05-19

  With Imperium forces successful reinforcement of the first Blood Raider Sotiyo, the Scope has released a news video commemorating the event, and recording the angry response of Omir Sarikusa, the NPC leader of the Blood Raider Covenant: “Empty is…

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New Eden’s Empires Ignore Sixty-Two-Million Deaths

Vulxanis Viceroy 2016-12-29

A few weeks ago, the largest concentration of players in gaming history to date converged on a Keepstar citadel in the system of M-OEE8. It was such a big deal that CCP even made Scope videos about the days leading up…

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The Scope: Operation Frostline Continues

TMC Archives 2015-12-22

Since our last article on Operation Frostline, The Scope has released the above video covering the attacks on Serpentis sites. As Alton Haveri reports: “The Serpentis Corporation has been suffering heavy losses both in ships and material since Operation Frostline was launched…

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The Scope: Boarders Away!

Submission 2015-09-29

The Scope Galactic News Network’s Alton Haveri reported today that a Wyvern supercarrier belonging to the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps was boarded and stolen by Dread Guristas in a daring raid. The supercarrier Antero was ‘moored’ outside the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps…

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The Scope Shows Us The Jackdaw

TMC Archives 2015-05-22

Earlier today, The Scope released a new video with Lina Ambre reporting on the Caldari Navy’s latest ship: The Jackdaw. The Jackdaw will be the next scheduled tactical tech 3 destroyer to hit New Eden and this latest video shows us…