The Scope: Blood Raider Shipyards Attacked

Bill McDonough 2017-05-19


With Imperium forces successful reinforcement of the first Blood Raider Sotiyo, the Scope has released a news video commemorating the event, and recording the angry response of Omir Sarikusa, the NPC leader of the Blood Raider Covenant:

“Empty is the night for the lost and the weak. How will you see with false faith blinding your eyes? How will you seize your destiny on bended knees? Lift yourselves up and look into your hearts. Is the blood that flows there pure? Or is it thin and corrupted by gold and the prattle of priests? Now is the time to shine in the light of the Red God! Now is the time to forge your destinies with blood and iron. The Covenant of Blood is the truth of the universe. Our Covenant is a beacon, set among the stars. Our foundries will blaze with the red flame of construction, as every new ship of war is baptized in blood and fire! Let our sacred work begin. Let your swords reap the harvest of the Great Truth! Become one with me in power and seize life eternal.”

When asked for comment, a member of Goonswarm leadership replied, “Omir who?”

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  • Rolfski

    Good for goons to be in the positive news for a change.

    May 19, 2017 at 9:56 pm