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April Streamer of the Month

LifeshifterX 2019-04-17

INN’s April 2019 Streamer of the Month has been chosen, with TamTam taking the prize! INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest in October 2018 in order to support our gaming streamers on Twitch as much as possible. For…

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Tools and Resources: Advice for new Content Creators

JuriusDoctor 2017-11-04

YouTube is addicting, but creating content for the site is even more rewarding. It is, however, a lot of work. Knowing where to get started – both with tools and setup, but also with techniques and approach – can be…

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The Imperium Tournament 12/10 & 12/11 1845-2300 EVE on INN Twitch

Rhivre 2016-12-09

This weekend, the Imperium will be holding the inaugural coalition tournament.  Running from 1845-2300 on Saturday and Sunday, and streamed on the Imperium News twitch channel, this will bring together pilots from across Eve to battle it out on CCPs…

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Weekend Event Stream! Help us support one of our own

SkepticNerdGuy 2016-11-04

Hello everyone, I am SkepticNerdGuy, the Imperium News stream manager. This weekend, we will be doing a 24+ hour stream. Starting after The Open Comms Show we will continuously stream until midnight PST, 0800 GMT. This stream is dedicated…

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Redeeming your Twitch Prime Subscription

Riley 2016-10-04

Or, A Primer on Twitch Prime Twitchcon has just wound down in San Diego. In addition to featuring a panel by our very own Gommel Nox, the Accessible Gamer thanks to some amazing community support, a new premium service was announced…

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Open Comms co-host Steps Down

TMC Archives 2016-01-01

The Open Comms Show show took the New Year’s slot this year for The Mittani Media, broadcasting for six hours to usher in the midnight hour for the US timezones. Hosts (and corpmates) BigCountry (BC), Dirk MacGirk, and Dreydan Trovirr…

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TheMittaniTV Presents: EVE Vegas Livestream

Submission 2015-10-21

No rest for the wicked: TMC and TMTV are going to be at EVE Vegas this weekend, and we’re going to be stepping up our coverage to bring you the keynotes and the majority of the Ballroom presentations, live on TheMittaniTV….