April Streamer of the Month


INN’s April 2019 Streamer of the Month has been chosen, with TamTam taking the prize! INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest in October 2018 in order to support our gaming streamers on Twitch as much as possible. For those of you wondering, the Streamer of the Month title is chosen each month by poll. The poll is broadcast to all INN social media outlets, and also in both the INN and FatBee_TV stream chat, so if you watch regularly you can absolutely help your favourite streamer out!

The Streamer of the Month program isn’t just an empty title, either – our winners will find themselves offered priority access to game review codes as they become available if they are interested, as well as preferential access to stream hosting on all Imperium News Twitch channels to help grow their audience.

Our Winner

April’s winner TamTam can be found at their personal streaming channel, at their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and of course, on the Imperium News and FatBee_TV twitch channels.

We spoke to TamTam, who had this to say about their streaming and success this month.

TamTam: Hi there! I’m TamTam. I’m a variety streamer on Twitch, and I have been for about two years now. Mostly, I stream horror or shooter games, sometimes a bit of both. Recently I’ve been playing some Bayonetta.

INN: How did you get into streaming? What inspired you, and do you have any future plans for your stream?

TamTam: Mostly, I watched other streamers and thought it would be fun to do. Two years later, I’m still learning, but I just want to have fun playing games and grow my channel like everyone else. If I could give one piece of advice to people considering streaming or just starting out, though, it would be talk to your audience in chat.

INN: Finally, when do you generally stream, so our viewers can find you?

TamTam: Most of the time you can find me live on my channel at 21:30 CET (19:30 UTC), and on FatBee_TV at around 11:00 CET (09:00 UTC) when I stream there.

Are You Interested in Streaming?

If you want to join the INN Stream Team, you can check out our recruitment options here. Prospective INN streamers need to have an active personal channel, and be available to stream on the Imperium News or FatBee_TV channels once a week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact INN’s Stream Director LifeShifterX on Discord, @LifeShifterX#0001.

Finally, throughout April, Imperium News is hosting a sponsored giveaway from Blue Designs, a company well-known for their incredible audio devices. The winner of this fantastic giveaway will recieve their choice of Blue’s ‘Yeti Nano’ microphone lineup. There are a good number of ways to enter this competition and it’s open to everyone, so enter here!

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