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Space News Update May 2019: Marsquakes, Dust Storms, and Oumuamua

Rhiannon Williams 2019-05-05

Happy Belated Star Wars Day! I’d like to hope that May the 4th is with you and Revenge of the 6th if you’re that way inclined! This time, spacefans we’re checking out some Mars news. MARSQUAKES The new InSight mission…

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Space News Update April 2019: Black Hole Imaged, Falcon Heavy Works, Israeli Lander Crashes

Rhiannon Williams 2019-04-14

This time spacefans we have the excitement of an image of a black hole, some rocket science, and the sad demise of a spacecraft. FIRST EVER PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE Following on from the discovery of gravitational waves, scientists…

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Space News Update February 2019

Rhiannon Williams 2019-02-02

This time spacefans we’re mixing it up a little as I’m snowed in and because I damn well feel like it! As many of you know, I’m an astrobiologist and hunting aliens is what I do, but I’ve never really…

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Science: Gravity and Dimensions

Roudin 2018-12-07

The cosmic force of gravity has been a hot topic the last few years thanks to a few big Hollywood movies. Two recent studies, though, may have delivered a blow to the theories surrounding extra dimensions that we can’t see,…

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Space News Update December 2018—InSight Lands on Mars

Rhiannon Williams 2018-12-01

Its been a very exciting time lately spacefans! I hope all my US spacepeeps are over the turkey coma as this time we’re all about Mars! Insight Arrives Safely on Mars! I don’t know about you, but I for one…

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Space News Update – February 2018

Rhiannon Williams 2018-02-10

Technical difficulties may have pushed things back a week, but never fear, we’re still here and are able to include the Falcon Heavy launch while it’s still fresh, so every cloud etc.. So this time space fans we have some…

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Space News Update Jan 2017

Rhiannon Williams 2018-01-06

I hope all you spacefans had a fantastic holiday season and that your waistlines and hangovers are regaining a normal state of equilibrium. This time we have brown dwarfs an imaginary Mars and news on Tabby’s Star. BROWN DWARFS A…

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So Long Cassini And Thanks For All The Science

Rhiannon Williams 2017-09-16

The ending of one of NASA and the European Space Agency’s most successful ever missions was marked by a dramatic poignant silence as the radio signal ended at precisely 4:55:46 a.m. PDT (7:55:46 a.m. EDT) Friday morning, after NASA received…

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Rhiannon Williams 2017-08-21

Earlier this month, I did a write-up on the upcoming Solar eclipse. However, not everyone will have read it or paid attention. Here at INN, we really hope all of you who can will enjoy this rare astronomical event to the fullest…

6 Imperium.News EVERSPACE Early Access Preview Review

EVERSPACE Early Access Preview

WintersWolf 2017-04-10

NO, IT ISN’T FREELANCER EVERSPACE is a roguelike space shooter currently available on Steam through the Early Access program. This arcade-style single-player action game takes players on a journey through space towards an unknown destination, accompanied only by an onboard…

3 Imperium.News Trajectory Review Review

Trajectory: Welcome, Inmate!

WintersWolf 2017-04-02

ONLY A FEW DAYS REMAIN Trajectory is a first person, VR-enabled, sci-fi adventure game set in a dystopian future where Earth is recovering from a global conflict dubbed the Cyber Wars. After technology has failed humanity by proving to be its…

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Stream – First Ever Orbital Rocket Reflight

Macky Avelli 2017-03-30

SpaceX is spinning up the Falcon 9 rocket once again to launch the SES-10 Satellite into space on Thursday, March 30, at 6:27 p.m. EDT, or 10:27 p.m. UTC. The SES-10 launch will be a milestone in rocket reusability, as this will be…

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Elite Dangerous—Tales from the Black: Part II

FroggyStorm 2016-11-06

To catch up on previous installments of this in-universe fiction for Elite Dangerous, check out Part I of Tales from the Black. Getting Underway So with a few data hauling jobs on the ledger, I pulled up my navigation screen…

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This Week in Space

Rhiannon Williams 2016-11-05

This week spacefans, we are taking a close look at the Moon, which despite its proximity to us, still has much to teach us space scientists. We also have a very nice Vegas video by our one and only Space…