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Fraternity Fires on AoM

Moomin Amatin 2021-04-21

Over the past weekend, PAPI members Fraternity [FRT] and Army of Mangos [AoM] clashed and shot each other, despite both organizations being allied together in PAPI.  Here’s the battle report. Analyzing the BR, we see a mixture of PAPI members,…

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Legacy’s Move to Delve: A Brilliant Move, or Something They’ll Regret?

Multiple Authors 2021-03-14

[Editor’s Note: Seir Luciel is a staff writer at INN and a member of Pandemic Horde. Gray Doc is an editor at INN and a member of the Imperium] Gray Doc: When I first heard that Legacy was planning on…

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BoB is Back: A Tale of Ideologies

Moomin Amatin 2021-03-14

Sit back. Relax. This is going to be quite the ride. Once upon a time there was an elite group of players within New Eden. This group came to be known collectively as BoB. Now BoB was a sterling example…

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World War Bee: Week 20

Ban Syrin 2020-11-23

Week 20 of World War Bee was a fair bit slower than week 19, with 17 major actions and 11 relatively noteworthy fights, per INN’s tracking. Action was predominantly around Delve and its environs, although some of it took place…

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World War Bee: Week 16

Ban Syrin 2020-10-26

Week 16 of World War Bee was roughly on par with Week 15, as there were 17 hostile actions and 12 battles, per INN’s tracking. Delve and Querious largely dominated the headlines this week, with the W-4U1E constellation in Delve…

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The Return of the Industry King

Merc Thanatos 2020-10-04

My Personal Journey Wow, it has been a while . . . over a year, but I’ve returned! I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start with the present. I’m currently in a small alliance among the PanFam…

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World War Bee: Week 12

Ban Syrin 2020-09-28

Week 12 of World War Bee was down some in terms of raw fights from the previous week, but all of the fights that did go down were much bigger on average. Action in Querious just about dominated all of…

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Metrics that Matter

Cato Azizora 2020-09-17

The fall of Fountain was lauded as a major accomplishment by the attacking PanFam forces. It would be dishonest to pretend that losing Fountain and the structures in the region did not hurt, despite many assets being evacuated beforehand. It…

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The Return of the Goon

Moomin Amatin 2020-09-13

Disclaimer: These are the views, observations, and experiences of an F1 Monkey and they in no way wholly represent the Imperium. If you have a problem with my words of “truthiness” then by all means feel free to send me…

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Why Another Megawar Might be Coming to EVE Online

Jin'taan 2020-06-26

In the last few weeks there’s been an explosion of propaganda, dank memes, and general shitposting rocking the community, and all of it has centered around one theme – war between the Imperium and Legacy. So, today, we’re going to…

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World War Bee: Avenging the Casino War

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2020-06-22

Editor’s Note: This article comes direct from the Goonfleet forums. Some content has been moved for formatting purposes. tl;dr: The same people who attacked us in the Casino War are invading (or making excuses) in two weeks – except that unlike…

1 Legacy and PanFam have been skirmishing in Cache News

Ongoing Legacy v PanFam Fighting In Cache

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-21

Fighting continues between Legacy Coalition and PanFam in Cache, punctuated by a larger skirmish in I6-SYN this past Thursday. The battle centered on an anchoring Astrahus owned by Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST). The citadel was dropped by members of the Legacy’s…

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FI.RE Coalition Doused in Detorid

RedlineXIII 2020-03-22

Around 18:15 March 22 in the system of 0IF-26, a carefully orchestrated plan was carried out that resulted in the loss of nearly half a trillion ISK by the FI.RE coalition of Legion of xXDeathXx (XIX) and RAZOR Alliance (RZR), among others….

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Darkness Disbands: Goon Expedition Trains Up

Kor Anon 2020-02-29

On Thursday, February 28, months of fighting in Venal resulted in the collapse of Darkness. <DARK.>, the central alliance of Dead Coalition. Pandemic Horde <REKTD>, Northern Coalition. <NC>, TEST Alliance Please Ignore <TEST>, Fraternity <FRT>, and others formed the main…