FI.RE Coalition Doused in Detorid

RedlineXIII 2020-03-22

Art By Redline XIII

Around 18:15 March 22 in the system of 0IF-26, a carefully orchestrated plan was carried out that resulted in the loss of nearly half a trillion ISK by the FI.RE coalition of Legion of xXDeathXx (XIX) and RAZOR Alliance (RZR), among others. For weeks, the region had been watched by careful eyes until, finally, an opportunity presented itself. A Nyx was tackled in the system by WE FORM V0LTA and the bait was placed.

Several dreads were dropped and the plan went into motion. Within minutes, the response fleet was on grid, jumping their titans and supercarriers straight into a trap. Cynosural fields were lit and more than 100 dreads entered, laying waste to the super capital vessels on the grid. In the initial drop, four titans and three supercarriers were destroyed.

After the first drop was successful, more supers and titans began filling the grid. Unfortunately, for attacker and defender alike, these titans were at long range. The titans did manage to kill around 43 dreadnoughts before the remaining half of the fleet was able to jump out to safety.

While the initial drop and subsequent cleanup were happening, fleets from Pandemic Horde, Northern Coalition, and Pandemic Legion were en route. Traveling from the northern drone regions proved to be no easy task as within minutes the gates between the drones and Detorid were frequently covered in waterboarding bubbles and gate camps. However, in spite of FI.RE and Legacy’s best efforts, local soon filled with nearly 1,000 people as PanFam flooded into the system. Right before warping to grid, reports were received of a titan who had panic warped, leaving his allies on the field in the middle of the battle, and went to tether on an Athanor in the system.

Athanors are notoriously bad at tethering large vessels and this titan pilot soon learned that little would prevent him from being bumped off of the structure and out of tether range by 500+ heavy assault cruisers. When all was said and done, more dreads were launched into the system to assist with the destruction of the final titan, bringing the butcher’s bill to a staggering 475 billion ISK lost for the defenders, compared to 101 billion ISK lost for the attackers.

One important thing to note in this story is not the deaths of these super capital vessels but, however, the lack of response by the allies this group holds very dear. Both Siberian Squads (the newest members of Legacy Coalition) and TEST/Brave/Legacy had fleets ready to enter into the system. They opted, however, to leave their allies on-field alone to die. This situation was eerily similar to the massive wipe of the XIX supercapital fleet that happened in 2018.

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