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DP Diplomat Rejects Botting Allegations

SatelliteMind 2020-11-22

Editor’s note: Shortly after Genesis announced that it was creating a mega coalition (in EVE Echoes) to take on Death Phantom for botting, a diplomat from DP alliance made a post on Reddit to give his side of the story….

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Ro(bot) Wars: EVE Style

nync 2020-11-20

A few days back, Venal residents were astounded and amused to see citadels instantly disappear, their EVE-mail notifications flashing with messages that their clones had been destroyed, and their assets had been moved to lowsec. CCP Steps Up Against Botting…

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Mega Coalition Combats Echoes Bots

SatelliteMind 2020-11-15

Bots have been a long term problem in EVE Online, so it is no surprise that Echoes, which is barely three months old, is already swimming in them. To combat this problem, Echoes alliance Genesis Federation announced the creation of…

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Deep Dive: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-03

In an effort to maintain a constant stream of updates and open monitoring between the player base and the developers, CCP dove into their perspective, goals, and progress in their latest dev-blog The Eve Online Ecosystem Outlook. The blog opens…

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CCP’s Vision: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-01

On Monday, March 30, CCP posted “The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook” dev-blog in which they introduce their long term goals for EVE Online, as well as the major updates planned to achieve them. The Ecosystem Segment The dev-blog starts with…

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Breaking News: Jita Weirdness

Moomin Amatin 2019-05-31

Those who watch Twitter would have seen these couple of interesting tweets going out earlier today. A gaggle(?) of GMs has been spotted in Jita on the Perimeter gate. Wonder what's happening? If you come to investigate watch out for…

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The Community IS EVE: Actions Speak Louder

Dirk Stetille 2019-05-23

When it comes to EVE Online, it’s often said that the community aspect of the game is the best part about it. Obviously, this is a statement that can be made about any MMO – interacting with others to achieve…

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Jin’talks—Why is EVE Easy to Bot?

Jin'taan 2019-05-16

It’s an unfortunate fact that bots are a loathed part of every multiplayer game I’ve played. From idlebots in Team Fortess 2 farming items and ruining team balance, through leveling bots in League of Legends gumming up the 3v3 queue,…

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MiniLuv Announces Annual Protest

Dirk Stetille 2019-02-09

A spectre is haunting highsec–the spectre of MiniLuv. In recent years, the Ministry of Love has organised and executed an annual weekend of protests against unjust causes within our game and our community. These protests take place using the moniker…

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Dev Blog: New Year Security Update!

JuriusDoctor 2019-01-18

This year’s first security update comes on the heels of a large account ban wave related to botting and “client modification”, meaning hacked game clients. These alterations have been to support outside tools or third-party automation (bots), and covered in…

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CCP Handing Down Judgment on Harassment & Bots

Arrendis 2018-09-02

CCP has reason to feel good about themselves right now. They recently hosted GM Week, a multi-day event that highlighted the hard work of their GM team. They bookended the event in perfect EVE fashion: with explosions. On both the…

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Eight Supercarriers Lost Overnight by Suspected Bot-User

Submission 2018-01-11

Editor’s Note: this article comes to us from Asher Elias. In one of the most remote regions of Eve Online, a suspected botter lost eight Nyxes over a period of four hours. What makes the losses extremely puzzling at first…

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Why Do People Bot?

Submission 2013-08-31

Botters are possibly the most hated demographic in EVE. Despised by everyone not among their number and most of their kin, many people believe all bots should be permanently banned from EVE—and some are. This leads to a most intriguing…