Mega Coalition Combats Echoes Bots


Bots have been a long term problem in EVE Online, so it is no surprise that Echoes, which is barely three months old, is already swimming in them. To combat this problem, Echoes alliance Genesis Federation announced the creation of the first ‘mega coalition’ with two other alliances, Golden Horde and Silent Alliance.

The coalition aims to severely curtail botting in nullsec, particularly from Death Phantom (DP), with which Genesis already has conflicts. Without an API, exact numbers in the mega coalition are hard to gauge, but Gen Fed’s leader, Mommasaurus Rex, estimated that it numbers around 16,000 active pilots. She explained that after the fall of OP4S, the alliance with which Genesis was previously at war, a vacuum was created in Impass, which DP quickly filled. While initially blue to DP, things became tense after a few Genesis pilots were shot down by DP. Also, DP demanded that Gen Fed stay out of Impass and find another route to high sec. Negotiations broke down after DP upped its demand and wanted Gen Fed turn over their own region, Esoteria. War was then declared.

After Gen Fed entered deep into DP’s territory, they discovered a bot farm, with the range and scale of the operation appearing to be very large indeed. Gen Fed reached out to other alliance leaders seeking their agreement that for the game’s survival long term botting must be dealt with, starting with DP. They have been assured that there is a process among the coalition to determine who is botting and that it will not be based on hearsay. While DP has already been reported to NetEase, it appears the game developers have not yet taken any formal action against the alliance.

What follows is the announcement of the coalition’s creation, along with video evidence of DP’s transgressions.

Hello all! As you know by now, we found ourselves at war with neighbors who started shooting blues simply for passing into their space and then quickly discovered the largest botting enterprise (that we know of) in the game living next door. We have levied terrible damage tolls on them in the last few days and they have already fled to Detorid and Omist for the most part. You can see the damage (peaking over 200 billion) on our now public kill boards at and find out where they have slunk off to today.
Some examples of botting:…/jrcd3l/battle_pod_vs_mining_bots/…/dp_bots_stopped_by_webbed_and…/
We recognized quickly that, as a truly multi-national alliance that has no weak timezone, we are in a rare position to be able to combat this effort. We have been 24/7 shutting down DP farms with our fleets of Chinese, Russians, French, Ukrainians, Germans, North Americans, Spanish, Australians, Koreans, Indonesians, and so many more. But as players, we can do more:
I am pleased to announce that the first ever mega-coalition in the history of Eve Echoes was just formed. This coalitionā€™s sole purpose is to eliminate or reduce bot farmers in the game. We in this coalition believe it is our duty as mega-alliances to reduce this practice in game. This is not a war defensive pact, but truly a group of players who believe it is within our power to help this game last a long time. We will come together and fight. The botting classification will be based on evidence, not accusation. All smaller alliances are welcome to chip into this effort in any capacity they desire (such as scouting and monitoring their regions).
Genesis Federation, The Golden Horde, and SHH are going to lead the charge against this scourge to the server. All other alliances (red, grey or blue) are welcome to take part on this very specific task. Many have approached us already with ideas and offers to help, even those who would normally be blood enemies. We believe the player base must work together on this to protect the game we love.
We are all here for EE.

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  • FLUFFY_84

    Its a shame that people need to group together to fight against bot users, not normal players. Everyone know where bots are, which systems. There are plenty of chinese corporations with 98% tax in vast regions of 0.0 and almost every 0.5 system in hi sec, and they are online 24/7 with ban immunity.
    Bots are mainly used by chinese players, since devs are also chinese, i dont think they will ban their own. I cannot understand why CCP allow NetEase devs to run game like this, its just wrong.

    November 15, 2020 at 11:39 AM
  • PaToNe

    Hey guys I can confirm DP its not botting my corp Rekium its part of DP in eve echoes and we are proud members of Goonswarm Federation in EVE my pilot PaToNe was part in many battles with our CFC brothers long live Goons but this its fake News sadly

    November 15, 2020 at 1:33 PM
    • Moomin Amatin PaToNe

      You confirm something and I am not sure it is what you had hoped for.

      PaToNe has not been in anything for years and seems to have left The Imperium during the Casino War. The Corps you belonged to then went on to shoot at The Imperium during the Casino War. Your former corps are currently looking to “exterminate” The Imperium from the game as we speak. To come here to plead innocence and invoke the name of “CFC Brothers” makes the little credibility you had disappear.

      November 15, 2020 at 3:25 PM
    • Deni'z von Meanace PaToNe

      What a jerk šŸ¤£ covered his botting arse by Imperium’s name while doing his monkey business. Ban on you!

      November 15, 2020 at 9:31 PM
  • Covewolf

    For GenFed to claim innoncence in the Botting behaviors is appalling. My alliances scouts have verified Bots in use by both GenFed and SHH.

    Its a thinly veiled culture war with statements pointing to that fact going back for months. Propaganda and Storytelling at its finest folks.

    November 15, 2020 at 10:18 PM