DP Diplomat Rejects Botting Allegations


Editor’s note: Shortly after Genesis announced that it was creating a mega coalition (in EVE Echoes) to take on Death Phantom for botting, a diplomat from DP alliance made a post on Reddit to give his side of the story. We are reprinting it here on INN with his consent and have not altered the post in any way. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

Hey there Reddit world, this is Tigar from the corp TDGB and one of the English Diplomats for DP. I’ve always stayed far from Reddit, only because I personally find it a cesspool for toxicity but today I’ve made an account to highlight a concern I have over some issues that have been starting to fester as a result of the GEN propaganda that DP are bots.

As many of you have known/heard yes we are at war with GEN. I do not personally claim to know the full history of DP and GEN but I will speak of things from my neutral stand point as a Diplomat for negotiating peace between DP and GEN.

In my opinion the war started as a simple blue on blue which escalated further because more and more innocent corps got dragged into the spree of revenge killings. I can fully understand it is human nature to hit back when hit and while I feel that no one should full take the blame, both sides have their own faults.

TLDR neither side wanted to admit they were in the wrong and negotiations for peace collapsed after too many corps got involved in blue on blue.

Question: So why did I participate in the war if I wanted to stop it?

The reason is simple. DP has protected and taken care of my Corp from the first day I landed in Feyth. From sending 200 players to making sure my station was anchored safely when I only had 10 players to them amassing even bothering turning up to my CTA to protect my station ( Yes I own the one that GEN tried to destroy )

They honestly didn’t have to go that far to protect something that does not belong to them, much less one belonging to a foreign corp. DP has always been an international corp that was predominantly chinese but they have advocated for peace between all corps no matter Chinese, Spanish, Russian or English. If they had my back when I needed them, then I’ll have their back even if I do not fully agree with their decisions.

Running an alliance is a huge responsibility because you’re responsible for the well being and fun of a crap ton of people. It is very important that the leaders understand what is right and when the line from having fun and inciting hate has been crossed.

Question: What line?It is very simple DP are not bots. DP are not all chinese. Not all chinese are bots. Not all bots are chinese.

Momma’s propaganda to call for a coalition war on DP for the sole fact that they suspect or have “proof” they are using bots is wrong. The same way that a racist comment made by a GEN player is not an accurate representation of GEN’s stance on the chinese, it is the same that not every single chinese with multiple alts that have the name are bots, and neither are all of DP bots.

DP’s stance on botting is as so. Report suspected botting activity to DP leadership > Leadership investigates and reports the botting > GM handles the issue. If players are straight up caught botting, the player is removed and the corp is fined. Here our corp is responsible for managing their own players.

If Momma would have liked to call for allies to aid GEN in the war, we would understand fully but all we ask is to show us the players who farm hard and fight hard the respect we deserve and that would mean acknowledging us as worthy adversaries in a fight instead stirring up emotions over false accusations that have not been proven by the GM’s.

It is very easy to spin things in GEN’s favor as Reddit and Facebook are not currently accessible by the majority of the chinese. The lack of presence here means they have no way to defend the accusations or allow people to understand how they are run.

I’ll be very honest some of the chinese corps operate like actual companies. They pay a weekly salary + bonus of miners who mine a certain quota, the pvers provide and sell mods at a discounted rates and get free ships. The big boss up top builds ships, invest money and play the market at Jita.

Because there is such a structure there is incentive for people to multi box having 8-10 accounts is not an uncommon thing. We have our own players catching players who are suspected to be botting, and we report them to see if they are legit players who claim to manually play all their alts. I’m sure many players of other communities too have alts of their own, just because you are unfamiliar with the chinese characters does not give you the authority to say someone is botting.

The war on the “chinese are botting” has taken a very ugly turn and reflects on how us humans fail to coexist being the same fucking species. A lot of my alliance members are english, spanish and russian and have urged me to take my opinions to the interwebs to make it know. They firmly believe that this current war is fuel by xenophobic behavior, despite me pointing out that GEN has asian corps too. I sincerely hoped it was not the case but today I had a screenshot of one directed at me.

I’m not offended, but rather disappointed that this is what it has came down to. We play a game to enjoy and have fun, but too many people are taking it too personally. War is war and it is the name of the game. Sportsmanship is an important way of retaining players and opponents in the game.

DP fights battles, we lose some we win some. We acknowledge and try out best to learn from our opponents. RED is one alliance that we have learnt plenty from fighting and this is a late kudos for their ability to fight as an elite group. GEN has many good players, the DP Leaders have praised Aurya and Kainos for their remarkable builds on the Rupture Guardian and Phantasm being able to man tank the fuck out of the fight that happened on Saturday. It just pains me that I hop onto Reddit and Facebook and all I can see from the fight are posts that slander us, from calling using bots to fight the war to claiming the GM is collaborating with us. It is really ridiculous at this point how players can even believe that lol.

I believe our last kill mail count is at around 310-320bil and we have taken a POS too from GEN contrary to what most would believe I don’t think DP is getting beaten as hard. We will continue the good fight and enjoy the game as best we can.

I just hope that people keep the hostilities in the game as it is and not fester or give into xenophobia. The real world has enough of that already, if everyone can make EVE a nicer environment to be in, keep competition real and not bring race into anything then I believe that’s the way we would not kill the game.

Bots don’t kill the game, people do. Meep morp zeep zoop.

Love, Tigar.

EDIT: I would like to say that people who are treating this as hired propaganda may have been mistaken. People fear what they do not understand, if everyone could understand where I’m coming from being in a chinese in a globalized country you’d see that we’re really not so different after all. https://imgur.com/a/v0GSFkx <- This is why I posted.

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  • Bumpy Dog

    “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.”

    November 22, 2020 at 7:10 AM
  • Menaiya

    Chinese are often accused of botting. While I am sure that some do it, not everyone does. I am well aware that other groups also bot. The problem is proving a negative. How do you do it? What did you expect them to do Bumpy? In any event, I dislike playing on Echoes because of the lack of creature comforts that EVE Online has. They added warp disruption bubbles without any way to detect them until you land in them. There is no D-scan in the game. There are no bookmarks. So you are FORCED to land in them or have another account scout every where you go.

    On another note, far too many people are quick to accuse another group of whatever crime comes to mind without any proof, if you have proof of a group that is botting, instead of mudslinging, record your proof and report it. Eve Echoes has an extremely difficult interface to use especially for communication.

    November 22, 2020 at 11:55 AM
  • Garreth Vlox

    “I’m not botting” ~ literally every botter ever

    November 23, 2020 at 3:26 AM
  • chimpy

    That’s an enormous amount of words to be saying “My brother logged into my computer. It was him not me.”

    November 23, 2020 at 11:34 PM