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Pew4Reps Pub Fleet or ‘Oh Look its PL! I wonder What Happens Next?’

TMC Archives 2015-01-26

Pew4Reps was a public fleet set up by Dark Space Initiative capsuleer FullMetalTS1, as TMC reported recently. It aims to keep up the Eve Online community’s awareness of what #broadcast4reps is all about. Many players have been incredibly supportive, and…

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Circadian Seeker Retaliation

Submission 2015-01-19

Circadian Seekers were introduced in Rhea as a roaming sleeper drone NPC that mysteriously warped around star systems scanning objects. Up until the Proteus expansion, these Seekers would not attack and would simply allow pilots to destroy them. These drones are now fully capable of…

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Elite: Impressions – Lakon Type-6

TMC Archives 2015-01-16

Supersonic Space Truck The original space truck, the Lakon Type-6 Transporter (AKA the Lakon-T6 or just the T6) was the first and cheapest dedicated cargo transport vessel implemented in the Elite: Dangerous beta. The introduction of the Zorgon-Peterson Hauler gave…

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Elite: Impressions – Cobra

TMC Archives 2015-01-14

Han Solo Wishes He Was This Cool Out of all the Elite ship designs, the Faulcon Delacey Cobra MKIII is perhaps the most iconic. Debuting in the original -84 Elite as the player’s first (and only) ship, this wedge-shaped wonder…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Kha’Zix

TMC Archives 2015-01-14

If you’re familiar with League of Legends and play somewhat competetively you may have frequented sites like or The guides presented on these sites are focused around specific item builds, rune selection, and mastery layouts. This guide aims…

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Practical Shipbuilding for Practical People

TMC Archives 2015-01-08

Everyone experiences a sandbox construction game in a different way. While some display an incredible amount of focused creativity, churning out impressive creations almost as though it’s second nature, some of us sit around in frustration as we idly tap…

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Elite: Impressions – Viper

TMC Archives 2015-01-07

Floats Like A Butterfly, Stings Like A Viper Another Faulcon-Delacy design, the Viper will most likely make its first appearance to a new player as the preferred ship (alongside the Eagle) of most police and system authority forces. It’s also…

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The Freighter Pilot’s Guide to Not Getting Ganked

Submission 2015-01-03

This piece was submitted by 290xanaots, ganker for the New Order of Highsec and the CFC’s Ministry of Love. 290xanaots has been ganking miners and haulers since leading the very first New Order gankfleet in November 2012. Freighter ganking is a way of…

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Elite: Impressions – Adder

TMC Archives 2015-01-01

Boldly Going Where No Reptile Has Gone Before The second-cheapest Zorgon-Peterson design in the game, the Adder is a relatively new addition to the Elite: Dangerous lineup. Fluff-wise the Adder is an aged, near-obsolete design often found among pirates or…

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Tools Of The Trade: The Slippery Pete

Submission 2014-12-01

Special thanks to Kcolor for the interview on how the Slippery Pete is used. The Slippery Pete Tengu is one of the most effective high-skill PvP platforms in Eve. The fitting and its use were pioneered by Elo Knight and…

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How To Find Exploration Sites In EVE

TMC Archives 2014-11-26

Finding exploration sites in known space (k-space) is one of the most frustrating parts of being an explorer in EVE. Individual exploration sites (cosmic signatures other than wormholes) often pay extremely well, but the time spent between sites drives down…

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A Dummy’s Guide to Jump Reactivation & Fatigue

Submission 2014-11-07

With the recent release of Phoebe, the Long Distance Travel Changes have been implemented with only a few minor adjustments from the original proposition. However, despite the huge amount of discussion, devblogs, and patch notes on the subject, some people were still surprised by the changes or…

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Submission 2014-09-28

A peaceful ratter sits in a site deep in sovereignty nullsec. He’s been happily ratting for quite some time, with the wrecks of quarry surrounding him. Local chat moves; a new person in system. The ratter, oblivious, hardly bats an eye….

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Submission 2014-09-28

Today, we bring you the words of Dan Penfound, server host extraordinaire, to share his universe creation insights. With Dan’s help, you’re about to dig into the nuts and bolts of forming a star system. Unfortunately, there’s no way to summarize…