Invasion Chapter 2 Patch Notes, Rapid Fire Balance Update


The Invasion Chapter 2 expansion release will find its way to Tranquility later today during an extended daily downtime on November 26, alongside the Team Talos Rapid Fire update. The cluster will go offline as usual at 11:00 UTC, and will remain offline for an estimated 50-70 minutes while the expansion is deployed.  The full patch notes can be viewed here.

Invasion Chapter 2 is doubling down on the Triglavian Invasion. Headlining this latest entry is a multi-stage encounter with the Triglavian Collective at Stellar Observatory Flashpoint sites. These Flashpoints will bring capsuleers to a crossroad, forcing a choice to fight the Triglavian invaders or to betray the empires. Recent patch notes indicate that CONCORD has established observatories to study the Triglavian Stellar Accelerators and are tasking pilots to assist local Empire forces with defending the vital intelligence structures from the assault.

Included in this expansion is Team Talo’s Rapid Fire update, which sees an overall buff to subcapital Minmatar ships as well as Medium Autocannons. The highlights of the balance changes are as follows:

  • Stabber Fleet Issue and Tempest Fleet Issue hulls will enjoy a 7.5% rate of fire per skill level, up from the previous 5%. This will net a 20% increased DPS at rank V.
  • Typhoon and Bellicose hulls will simularily enjoy an increase to Cruise/Torpedo and Heavy/Heavy Assault Missile weapons systems explosion velocity respectively, up to 7.5% per skill level. This results in an overall 6.7% DPS increase at rank V.
  • All Medium Autocannons are having their rate of fire buffed by 3%, and accuracy falloff is increased by 5%.
  • Barrage S, M, and L ammo increased falloff is increased to 50%, while Hail S, M, and L ammo sees tracking speed brought down to 25%.
  • The Muninn is getting a velocity reduction, dropping maximum velocity from 250 m/sec to 235 m/s. The signature radius of this HAC is being increased from 115M to 125M. Lastly, the Muninn is taking a hit to its optimal range, down to 7.5% per skill level from the previous 10%.
  • Assault Damage Control modules are having their activation time and duration decreased by 10%.
  • The Angel Cartel ship line role bonus to Warp Speed and Warp Acceleration will be decreased to 25%, down from the previous 50%. This change is an odd response to the Warp Drive Active patch that was well received by just about everyone.

The Zirnitra, the new Triglavian Dreadnought, makes its debut on expansion day. Max level in the new Precursor Dreadnought skill will yield a 20% bonus in all armor resistances, 20% Ultratidal Entropic Disintergrator max damage multiplier bonus, and 15% reduction to Ultratidal Entropic Disintegrator cycle time. The Tech 1 Capital weapon on SiSi currently lists it’s base damage multiplier at 2.55x, which is a touch overtuned considering a Leshak’s Tech 2 gun damage modifier with maxed skills and hull bonus is 2.37x. Also making its debut is the High-Grade implant set Mimesis, which will be available in DED LP Stores.

Production of the newest Capital ship will require three new capital component types: Capital Ultratidal Entropic Mounting, Capital Radiation Conversion Unit, and Capital Absorption Thruster Array.  The building requirements for the Zirnitra were published on SiSi, and are as follows:

  • x3 Capital Absorption Thruster Array
  • x6 Capital Sensor Cluster
  • x6 Capital Radiation Conversion Unit
  • x7 Capital Capacitor Battery
  • x8 Capital Corporate Hangar Bay
  • x9 Capital Jump Drive
  • x9 Capital Ultratidal Entropic Mounting
  • x11 Capital Shield Emitter
  • x13 Capital Computer System
  • x13 Capital Construction Parts
  • x16 Capital Ship Maintenance Bay
  • x28 Capital Armor Plates
  • x28 Capital Siege Array

It wouldn’t be a new expansion without an update to the New Player Experience. The newest iteration will benefit new Capsuleers by adding them to a fresh login campaign built to help support them through their first few days in New Eden. Not to overlook veteran pilots, CCP is also launching a new Black Friday login campaign to all users. The campaign will run between November 27 and December 3, and offers daily Skill Points, consumable Boosters, and certain other undefined rewards. It is also possible that some of the 16 new Firestorm SKINs might make its way to these daily login rewards.

Lastly, Shareable Bookmarks will be rolling out to an overall well reception. PSA, all existing personal and corporate locations as well as location vouchers have been converted to the new system. Already covered by INN but worth repeating, directors that have been removed from the corporation will not lose roles in the shared folder, this must be done manually by someone with admin privileges.

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