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Yeet-A-Fleet Returns, Accompanied By HAW Nerfs

mistwarden 2020-02-27

Over the Christmas event period, CCP introduced the “Reindeer filaments”, which quickly became one of the most popular items released in years. Loosely styled after Abyssal PvE filaments, these Reindeer variants would instead instantly transport groups of players to a…

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Talos Speaks: CCP’s Masterplan

Dirk Stetille 2020-01-17

Just to be clear, we talked to Team Talos member CCP Masterplan. We didn’t get CCP’s master plan. We’re good, but we’re not gods here, folks. So Arrendis and I sat down with CCP Masterplan to talk about the team…

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CCP’s 2019 Changes and Team Talos

Art Vandolay 2020-01-11

Eve Online Community Developer CCP Convict recently posed an important question to Capsuleers: How are you feeling about EVE right now?¬†Convict is inquiring about how CCP has performed over the last year, and in particular the last three months. CCP’s…

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Invasion Chapter 2 Patch Notes, Rapid Fire Balance Update

Art Vandolay 2019-11-26

The Invasion Chapter 2 expansion release will find its way to Tranquility later today during an extended daily downtime on November 26, alongside the Team Talos Rapid Fire update. The cluster will go offline as usual at 11:00 UTC, and…