CCP announces Warp Speed changes, and the overall reception is surprisingly positive


On October 15, CCP announced a change to warp speeds for cruisers through to battleships, to be deployed directly to the live Tranquility server. CCP finally listened to the group of solo and small gang pvpers who found roaming in slow warping battleships irritating, and felt that this warp speed alone was a deterrence from using the ship class if you had to go more than 3 jumps. The implemented change was more than just a battleship change, however – CCP addressed the majority of subcapital ships by buffing everything from cruisers to battleships.

The New Speeds

T1/Faction Cruisers/T3 Cruisers – 4 AU/s (Cynabal – 6 AU/s)

T2 Cruisers – 4.5 AU/s

T1/Faction Battlecruisers – 3.5 AU/s

T2 Battlecruisers – 4 AU/s

T1/Faction Battleships – 3 AU/s (Machariel – 4.5 AU/s)

T2 Battleships – 3.5 AU/s

Please Note: Tech 3 Cruisers will warp faster given particular subsystems.

For Comparison

T1/Faction Battleships warped at 2 AU/s, and T2 Battleships warped at 2.3 AU/s

T1/Faction Battlecruisers warped at 2.7 AU/s, and T2 Battlecruisers warped at 3 AU/s

T1/Faction/Tech 3 Cruisers warped at 3 AU/s, and T2 Cruisers warped at 3.3 AU/s

In Conclusion

As a result, this change has made all cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships significantly faster in warp, which will be positive for all affected ships, and especially for nullsec cruiser through battleship doctrines.

Overall these changes will definitely help battleships and battlecruisers see more use for roaming solo and in small gangs. Previously, they were considered niche ships for roaming, with their slow warp and align speeds. For comparison, battleships will now warp as fast as Tech 1 cruisers previously, which will lead to increased use in fights where on-grid mobility isn’t as necessary – for example, when taking objectives like citadels. The changes to battleships and battlecruisers are well received overall, making both ship classes far more interesting for small gang and solo use, without disrupting the fleet meta badly as the classes still have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

The cruiser changes meanwhile are causing significantly more mixed reception amongst the community. Many feel these cruiser changes are too much in the present context, and that these changes will make dealing with enemy response fleets harder. While the positives appear to outweigh the negatives in the general community, many still feel like the change is somewhat shortsighted. One very obvious opinion is that these changes will drive all destroyers further into irrelevancy, as T2 cruisers like the Muninn now warp as quickly as all destroyers, as well as the Cynabal now being able to outpace all frigates except Interceptors.

Do you have any opinions regarding these warp speed changes? Are you shocked by the immediate game update to Tranquility instead of the Singularity process? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Scott Wilson

    This is one of those things that’s great for pvp that pve will see more use from. This makes certain blingy battleships suddenly viable for certain sustained mission running.

    October 16, 2019 at 10:47 AM
  • Rammel Kas

    I seem to remember that these changes were part of what :ccp: did to combat the phenomenon where you’d get a batphone blob escalating smaller-scale conflicts at a moment’s notice. They did the jump fatigue & c. shortly after. Perhaps this is the signalling finally catching up to them asking them to reconsider.

    October 16, 2019 at 11:18 AM
  • antiBILLotic

    Reduced use of destroyers? So what? T1 destroyes still have their own niche with Defenders, and we didn’t see many (or any) destroyer gangs anyway. And T3 destroyers are still decent. Every ship should have a role. Nobody complains about the lack of EWAR frigate or T1 logi gangs, yes? More on that, we can see an INCREASED use of T1 destroye hulls in cruiser-sized cheap welp flrrts.

    October 16, 2019 at 2:33 PM
  • This is excellent news: so many people I know have been in agreement for years that while introducing a variety of warp speeds was not a bad idea, that the speed adjustments should’ve centered around 3au/sec as a baseline and gone up from there.

    Will this make a few ships, “too fast?” I don’t personally think so, but we’ll see. As far as putting pressure on destroyers: good. Fucking destroyers are so absurdly, ridiculously over-used right now. They need some pressure. Personally I’d go further and give something like a 25% bump to battleship (and maybe BC?) scan res in order to improve their general QoL and lethality vs smaller ships a little further.

    Literally this change makes me so happy: part of the reason I quit PvP in EVE was how boring the ship meta had become. Basically unless you wanted to fly fancy frigates or destroyers or MAYBE sometimes a blingy cruiser there was no place for you in the game anymore. I’m gonna be so happy if CCP can push people into using bigger hulls again: I’ve been dying for years to use things like battlecruiser and battleship hulls in PvP but they’ve been literally so absurdly useless that they were almost painful to fly: it’s not that fun just sitting around wishing you could get a chance to use your big guns while your gang (who are all flying frigs and T3Ds and Kikis) lock-and-haze every tiny target you find before your battlecruiser can even lock them.

    October 16, 2019 at 7:53 PM
    • Kawira Ganthrithor

      Part of this problem is also absurd dps of t3c along with their superior tracking compared to bigger ships. Like null mods or covert cloak aren’t enough to make it better choice over regular cruisers

      October 17, 2019 at 12:12 PM
      • Honestly the last few deployments I went on we almost never saw T3Cs (with the exception of travel fits). I know some people use them to gank VNIs and take pot-shots at excavator drones in Delve, but I haven’t seen much of T3Cs in the last few years. Our group uses them instead of (or in addition to) bombers for hotdropping hardened targets, but this concept seems far less popular than simply using bigger bomber gangs in most cases.

        T3 cruisers configured for all-out combat are at least pretty catchable: they’re clumsy and fairly slow, and their tracking isn’t good enough to deal with more than a handful of tacklers at a time. It’s certainly nothing compared to CCP’s newest bullshit pimpmobile Trig ships.

        October 21, 2019 at 11:54 PM