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EVE: Eclipse | The Triglavian Masterstroke

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-02

As earlier reported, CCP today released the EVE: Eclipse trailer that was originally intended to come out at FanFest. This also marks the beginning of Quadrant 2 for 2020, ending the Q1 ‘Fight or Flight’ content. Before we go any…

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Invasion Chapter 2 Patch Notes, Rapid Fire Balance Update

Art Vandolay 2019-11-26

The Invasion Chapter 2 expansion release will find its way to Tranquility later today during an extended daily downtime on November 26, alongside the Team Talos Rapid Fire update. The cluster will go offline as usual at 11:00 UTC, and…

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New Devblog: Alpha Skill Injectors Added to 2017 Alpha Changes

Ghost Negotiator 2017-11-14

CCP Games has released a new dev blog about their upcoming plans for Alpha clones. The new devblog dovetails with other recently announced changes to Alpha clones for EVE Online. Taken together, these will change the state of alpha clones in a…

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EVE: Valkyrie at Fanfest 2017

Turk Fezzik 2017-04-09

CCP Roo took the stage Saturday to present a recap of the first year of Valkyrie, the upcoming Groundrush expansion, and the team’s plans for the future. Groundrush—Valkyrie’s fifth expansion—exits the launch tube on April 11 and brings the fight…

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Kerbal Space Program: Making History DLC Announced

Turk Fezzik 2017-03-20

A few days ago, Squad announced a new expansion for Kerbal Space Program, a massive localization patch, and The Kerbal Chronicles digital magazine. The Making History expansion includes a mission builder and a set of premade missions based on historical…

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All you need to know about Stellaris: Utopia

Quendan 2017-02-28

Yesterday, an animated trailer heralded what Stellaris fans have been waiting for: The game’s first full-fledged expansion, titled Utopia, will be released on April 6. Similarly to the Leviathans story pack, and other Paradox DLC releases, a major patch will…

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A Look at EVE with Free Tier Option

David Matterall 2016-09-01

It looks like CCP is back to two expansions per year (summer and winter), but don’t hold CCP to that cadence. They say expansions arrive when they arrive. Citadels and the supercapital overhaul were released in the spring of this year, and…

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Anehii 2016-06-28

Stellaris, a grand strategy game set in space by masters of the genre, Paradox Interactive, was released in early May. Although highly anticipated, Stellaris received a positive reception, but it was not without its issues. A common opinion expressed by early adopters…

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Andrew Sturgis 2015-10-25

In the latest of the Eve Vegas presentations, CCP Nullabor rushed through an hour and a half’s worth of the new structure information in about forty-five minutes.  In it, we learned some of the ins and outs of Citadels as…

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EVE: The Release Roadmap to Fanfest

TMC Archives 2015-10-03

CCP Seagull has appeared in a video in the latest devblog, which discusses the roadmap for EVE Online through to Spring 2016, coinciding with Fanfest of next year. Being a roadmap, some of these features are a bit light on…

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Turk Fezzik 2015-09-25

The next release for Eve Online will come on September 29 and it brings some interesting changes. This is a fairly small release but it includes some gems such as the long-awaited battlecruiser rebalance, the death of the trollceptor, and…

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New Horizons for Elite: Dangerous

TMC Archives 2015-08-05

The teaser trailer to the expansion “Horizons” for Elite Dangerous has been released, leaving the imaginations of intrepid pilots and players of ED abuzz. This season of expansions will begin later this year, starting with planetary landings. Gigantic open worlds…