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CCP warns Developers: Abuse /search/ and get banned from ESI API

Quendan 2018-06-23

In a new devblog released on June 19, CCP announced a new restriction to how third-party developers use their access to EVE’s ESI API. ESI API v CREST/XML EVE Swagger Interface (ESI) is the only API for EVE Online. CCP…

13 Editorial

Introducing: Delve Time Units

Erick Asmock 2018-06-22

On June 16 on Push to Talk, we introduced the Delve Time Unit, an abstract meta-currency built on the total amount of wealth generated daily in Delve, extrapolated from the Monthly Economic Report. Each month, CCP releases economic data from…

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VFK-IV monument to sport Goonswarm Federation logo

Paramemetic 2018-06-20

With the changeover from conquerable stations to faction fortizars, CCP also introduced permanent monuments that will forever memorialize the last holders of these historic stations. In some cases, however, player groups mutually agreed to change who would hold the monument….

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Imperium Deep Strike Downs Rorquals

Moomin Amatin 2018-06-20

Just after 06:00 on June 19, the Imperium sent out a call for pilots. The ship type of choice, ones of a stealthy nature. In little time, well over 100 bombers, recons, bridgers, and fuel trucks were assembled. The Imperium…

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Legacy SOTA – War in Immensea

Rhivre 2018-06-18

At 20:00 EVE Time on June 18, Legacy Coalition held a State of The Alliance in advance of the onlining of a Keepstar in Immensea. Vily explained to members that while they have been moving back into the system of…

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May EVE Monthly Economic Report Released

Erick Asmock 2018-06-18

If you’re looking for the data on the May Monthly Economic Report, stay away from CCP’s website unless you like seeing the HTTP 404 errors…for days. I usually stay away from all forums because I consider them a half step…

2 Eve Online

Fortizars Down; First Two New Faction Fortizars Popped

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-18

Here at INN, we have been reporting on the emergence of faction Fortizars for a long time. We shared details of the various types of new Fortizars as they were announced by CCP. We shared CCP’s plans for rollout of the new structures, and we…

32 Star Citizen

Star Citizen’s Latest Venture

Paramemetic 2018-06-17

It’s been over a year since INN last covered Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen, a historic funding and game development simulator that allows players to spend real money while roleplaying as vaporware publishers. For the most part, Star Citizen doesn’t fit…

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Pilot Enjoys Losing Carriers; Imperium and BRAVE Join Forces to Relieve Him of a Nyx

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-17

An aggrieved party seeks revenge on those he believes have done him wrong. He hatches a plot and seeks assistance from those in a position to help. With a plan in place, he eagerly sets out to carry out his…

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Introducing the 2018 Imperium CSM

Paramemetic 2018-06-15

Following yesterday’s live announcement on Twitch, today saw the official release of results from this year’s CSM elections.  In a change from past years, the CSM was elected later on in the year, allowing representatives an opportunity to familiarize themselves…

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CSM 13 Results Announced Live on Twitch

Dirk Stetille 2018-06-14

During a livestream broadcast on June 14, CCP Guard announced the successful candidates elected to the 13th Council of Stellar Management (CSM). For those of you who may not be aware, the CSM is an elected group of player representatives…

2 Eve Online

Gating Supercaps: Is This Dangerous Trend Coming Soon to a Gatecamp Near You?

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-14

In the wake of only the second Vanquisher loss in New Eden history, INN decided to investigate the disturbing growing trend of supercapital ships traveling through normal jumpgates, instead of using the standard cynosural field jump mechanics specifically designed for traveling…

9 User Submitted

88 Votes for my Tribe: Doing my part in the CSM Elections

Cecil Medici 2018-06-13

In the Imperium we see all sorts of players with varying commitment to the empire. They range from fair-weather friends who just wear the tag for access to Delve’s limitless wealth to the bittervet lifers enthroned high in their Titan…

2 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Budget HAW Phoenix

Robby Kasparic 2018-06-12

Welcome back to The Drafting Table. Since its been a little while, it was time to take out something big. The Phoenix takes center stage. Backstory: Phoenix I was inspired to try this concept out by Lasker Emanuel, who put…