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First Nergals Destroyed in Verge Vendor and Etherium Reach

Ketriaava 2019-05-31

On May 30 in the system of Murethand, the first Nergal, a Triglavian Assault Frigate, was destroyed in a 1v1 battle against another Nergal. A second Nergal was destroyed in LXQ2-T in Etherium Reach some 18 hours later, having engaged…

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Imperium vs PanFam: A week of war – Part 1

Moomin Amatin 2019-05-29

Unless you have been living under a rock you will likely have heard that The Imperium has gone to war. The target is their long standing enemy, PanFam (Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition Dot and Pandemic Horde). The objective of The…

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Tribute iHubs Flipped, Keepstars and Sotiyos Exposed

mistwarden 2019-05-27

In a concerted effort by the Imperium in Tribute on May 27, the systems of 0-YMBJ (a Keepstar system) and A-DDGY (a system with two Sotiyos) lost their Infrastructure Hubs (iHubs) before blocker iHubs were installed by Goonswarm. The extensive…

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Jin’talks – Standard Fleet Ranges: Webs

Jin'taan 2019-05-27

If you’ve ever taken the briefest interest in FCing, or really any EVE PvP at all, you’ll know how crucial positioning is to winning a fight. Putting your fleet in a spot where they can kill the enemy, whilst the…

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Breaking News: PanFam centralise to SH1

Moomin Amatin 2019-05-27

At 19:00 EVE on May 26, 2019, there was a flurry of activity within PanFam controlled staging systems. Almost 300 pilots in Pandemic Horde stager system of BWF-ZZ. 350 pilots from Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition Dot in SH1-6P. A…

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One More Step Forward – KQK1-2 Keepstar Onlined

mistwarden 2019-05-24

Eve Online is huge, and it’s nigh impossible for one major group to control all of the conquerable space and protect it from any attacks. That’s why the Imperium is looking to now glass and burn down regions of space,…

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The Community IS EVE: Actions Speak Louder

Dirk Stetille 2019-05-23

When it comes to EVE Online, it’s often said that the community aspect of the game is the best part about it. Obviously, this is a statement that can be made about any MMO – interacting with others to achieve…

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Goonswarm Keepstar Anchoring in Pure Blind

Ketriaava 2019-05-23

Today on reddit, a user revealed the anchoring of a Keepstar by Goonswarm Federation in the system of KQK1-2. This move is the second in a battle strategy that has involved the capturing of infrastructure hubs across the western front…

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Jin’talks—The SP Economy: Skillfarming

Jin'taan 2019-05-20

This article is going to serve as an explanation of one of the most discussed, but in my experience, least understood boogeymen of the EVE Online economy in the current day: Skillfarming. I plan on saving an exploration of the…

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Fake SotC for PanFam

Moomin Amatin 2019-05-19

I was bored while I watched PanFam unanchoring structures in Tribute and decided to kill some time by making a fake State of the Coalition. It was a perfect storm of boredom and an insatiable luv2post. Now it’s really important…

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State of the Goonion 2019 – March to War

Rhivre 2019-05-18

The Mittani has tonight made a State of The Goonion address to assembled Imperium members. This address has been hotly anticipated across New Eden as it will reveal the location where The Imperium will initiate their war. Last week it…

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Jin’talks—Why is EVE Easy to Bot?

Jin'taan 2019-05-16

It’s an unfortunate fact that bots are a loathed part of every multiplayer game I’ve played. From idlebots in Team Fortess 2 farming items and ruining team balance, through leveling bots in League of Legends gumming up the 3v3 queue,…

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40 Months in Eve Online | The Year of Revenge – From Dejected to Destroyer

Ketriaava 2019-05-15

Hello Again Everyone! This article is part of a series on my time in Eve Online, having made much of the journey through the game solo or otherwise with limited assistance. I am functionally independent, but recently there has been…

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The End of New Eden As We Know It?

mistwarden 2019-05-14

The future of EVE Online has been revealed after pieces of the puzzle were slowly revealed and the dark dangerous nature of it all has been laid bare, and to be honest I don’t think we’re ready for what lies…