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Does Industrial Might Make Right?

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-30

There is a never ending debate among Eve Online enthusiasts. This argument has persisted throughout the game’s 15 year lifecycle. There are players who feel that Player Versus Player activities are where the core focus should be and those who choose…

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Someone just spent a small fortune on one of the first Eve Online characters ever made

Rhom Achensa 2018-08-28

While it’s common to see gamers trading old or highly skilled characters in Eve Online for in-game currency, the marketplace was blown away last week when C4rlit0 sold for 510 billion ISK. A conservative estimate places the value of that…

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Holesale Eviction Update: The Fire Goes Out?

General Thade 2018-08-27

After Holesale Operations discovered last week that Hard Knocks was planning to evict the Holesale capital system, Holesale Operations has taken steps to defend itself against the invasion. Not So Friendly Fire Holesale found out that an Azbel in system…

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One Pilot’s Journal, Part II: It’s a Hard Knock Life

Gray Doc 2018-08-27

I look around me to see the wreckage all around. Already, several of my buddies who started this climb have given up and moved on to other endeavors. They had reached their breaking point early on. I had to wonder…

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DOTLAN EveMaps Turns 10!

JokerGuy 2018-08-25

Wollari (currently of Ghost Legion) may not be a household name for Eve players, but DOTLAN EveMaps is one. DOTLAN EveMaps, more often referred to simply as DOTLAN, has been an pillar to the community surrounding Eve Online for more…

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Alliance Tournament XVI Finals Roundup

Dirk Stetille 2018-08-24

On Saturday August 18, The Alliance Tournament Sixteen Semi-Finals and Grand Final match series took place. The Semi-Finals took place between Vydra Relolded and Triumvirate, with the winners going on to play Hydra Reloaded in the Grand Final. If you…

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Breaking News: Imperial Legacy, FEDUP, Destroy Multiple CO2 Structures Uncontested

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-22

Forces from the Imperium and Legacy Coalition hit multiple CO2 structures in Fade today.  The intial incursion saw Imperium Baltec and Hammerfleets travel to X36Y-G for the structure timer of the Circle-of-Two Fortizar there. Half an hour later, a second…

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Back into the Deep: My return to Wormholes

Vulxanis Viceroy 2018-08-21

Wormholes are to the rest of known space as the vast deep blue oceans are to barrier reefs, swamps, and rivers. There is no stable point of reference. The safety of the barrier reefs and the geography of swamps and…

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Imperial Logistics forces steal Cascade Imminent faction fortizar

mistwarden 2018-08-20

Imperial forces were able to steal a rare faction Fortizar from Cascade Imminent (FAIL) earlier today, August 20, as the latter continued its attempts to withdraw from Fade. The Draccous Fortizar was stolen from El8-4Q system, deep in Northern controlled…

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CONCORD CRACKDOWN: CCP Executes Suspected Botters to Open ‘GM Week’

Bill McDonough 2018-08-20

YULAI – AUGUST 20: CCP opened up ‘GM Week‘ today with a bang, teleporting in ‘willing test subjects’ and setting them with a Suspect flag in front of a small horde of eager PvPers. The slaughter marks the beginning of…

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One Pilot’s Journal, Part I: Deciding to Play

Gray Doc 2018-08-20

Eve Online is more than a game; it’s a social system that exists in a digital world, complete with nefarious treachery, heroic bravery, and iconic danger. After reading articles about the recent battle at X47L-Q (see recent articles here at…

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Alliance Tournament Weekend Round-up: Days 5 and 6

Dirk Stetille 2018-08-16

The weekend of August 11 and 12 saw thirty-six matches in Alliance Tournament XVI, the most intense of any weekend this year. These matches cut the number of competitors down from 24 to the final three. Even with this whittling…

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X47L-Q Final Timer: Reactions And Impressions From The Top

INN Staff 2018-08-16

Header art by Empanada. Over the course of the Battle for the X47L-Q Keepstar we’ve seen the titan kill count eclipse that of B-R5RB. We have also seen innovative and new tactics employed that could change the future of supercapital…

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Invisible Monsters – A Glimpse into the Mysterious Denizens of Wormhole Space

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-14

One of the most enigmatic areas of space in Eve Online technically doesn’t even exist in New Eden at all: the Anoikis Galaxy. This is Wormhole Space, known as “J-Space” to the locals.  The term comes from the names of…