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Horde Partisans’ Fireside: Making Sort Dragon Cry

Quendan 2018-10-14

During a fireside chat with Horde’s Partisans SIG, alphastarpilot announced that Partisans will deploy to PF-QHK in Venal to harass GOTG denizens in Branch. This announcement comes shortly after Goonswarm declared war against Horde’s ISK faucet in Perimeter. Horde Partisans…

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Moomin’s Nullsec Round Up – Q3 2018

Moomin Amatin 2018-10-12

This is where I try to summarize the major events and movements of nullsec within New Eden. But, in order to do so it is worthwhile trying to describe the larger nullsec picture. The Big Picture Thankfully, the big picture…

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Initiative Titans Crushed over Engineering Complex

Moomin Amatin 2018-10-11

It started off as a simple task, with the Initiative shooting an offline Azbel engineering complex in the system of D-B7YK in the region of Syndicate. The fight was initially a low key affair using just Ishtars with capital support…

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October Patchnotes: A quick recap of this month’s balance changes

Quendan 2018-10-09

As of today’s downtime, the October balance changes are live. The most significant change is the removal of interdiction nullification from Combat Interceptors. Going forward, the Claw, Raptor, Crusader and Taranis will be caught in bubbles like any other regular…

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CSM 13 Minutes: New Hope for New Players

Gray Doc 2018-10-08

Are you new to EVE Online, but frustrated by the nearly vertical learning curve? Or, are you considering downloading the game, but your friends who play have noted that you must “first endure a useless and broken tutorial?” If you…

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CO2 blows up last bits of sov in Fade

mistwarden 2018-10-06

This week, Circle-of-Two (C02) self-destructed all of their remaining TCUs and IHUBs in the Fade region. Likely a response to a pending sov bill, this appears to be a money-saving move to help cut back on their cost of living. For…

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Snuffed Out Attacks Black Legion: Over 500 Billion ISK Destroyed

Gray Doc 2018-10-03

-all headline quotations are from Don McClean’s “The Pride Parade” A battle raged in Siseide on Sept. 30, 2018, with over 500 ships involved at a cost of almost 579 billion ISK as Snuffed Out (B B C) pounded Black…

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One Pilot’s Journal, Part V: “The Waiting Is the Hardest Part”

Gray Doc 2018-10-02

TL; DR in the form of a haiku: The industry man Watches and waits. The summit So near and so far. When I first entered the world of EVE Online, I decided I wanted to choose the career of the…

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Now What?

Robert Miller 2018-10-01

Much has been written about the Northern War, and we all know how it ended, but what’s next and how did we get here? We reached out to participants of the most recent Northern War to take a sampling of…

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The War in the North: Part 3 – Breakout on Two Fronts

Savvy Kneel 2018-09-28

The War in the North: Part 1 – The Road to War The War in the North: Part 2 – The Turning Point Jockeying for Position For nearly a month following the massive battle for X47L, things got comparatively quieter….

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Revenge Seven Years in the Making Leads to Eve’s Most Expensive Heist Ever

Savvy Kneel 2018-09-27

Enthusiasts of Eve Online’s Alliance Tournament are likely familiar with the name BlueMelon. Considered among the best PvP pilots in Eve, he has been a key player on the AT circuit for years, flying and theorycrafting with elite teams including Hydra…

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The Last Frontier : My First 6 Months in Wormholes

General Thade 2018-09-27

In April of this year I decided to pursue wormholes, as I was looking for something different then nullsec and the typical ti-di fight here and there. I wanted to play EVE in a different way; I wanted to make…

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Dev Post | Titan changes coming in the October release

JuriusDoctor 2018-09-26

This morning CCP Fozzie released news of pending changes slated for the October release, which will change the behavior of titan-class starships. The player-led Council of Stellar Management was a primary mover in the impetus for these changes. This is…

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The War in the North: Part 2 – The Turning Point

Savvy Kneel 2018-09-26

The War in the North: Part 1 – The Road to War The events of UALX led to a series of smaller engagements across the galactic northeast. Perhaps sensing the war’s momentum, even as the UALX hellcamp was still underway,…