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Breaking News: R-ARKN Keepstar Destruction Coverage

Rhivre 2022-01-16

Early Sunday morning, January 16, the R-ARKN Keepstar went abandoned after a week of waiting since the fuel was removed on Saturday January 9. The Keepstar was watched all day to ensure that there were no surprise explosions, and around…

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Battle Report: Saturday Shootout

Elthar Nox 2022-01-10

A quiet Saturday morning shootout over an iHub in Feythabolis escalated into a small but intense dread brawl between the Imperium and FI.RE Coalition. As the fallout from yesterday’s diplomatic cluster starts to unravel, the space once occupied by The…

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Army of Mango Alliance Disbands; Ranger Regiment Commissared

RedlineXIII 2022-01-07

ESOTERIA — After successfully defending their reinforced staging Keepstar in R-ARKN, Army of Mango seems to have made the decision to abandon their holdings on the Tranquility server. This strikes as odd when the group should’ve been riding the morale…

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Big Trouble In Little Esoteria

Elthar Nox 2022-01-07

Fraternity (FRT) has declared war on the The Army of Mangos (AoM). In a State Of The Alliance released by Noraus on January 5, he announced their intention to officially commence hostilities against their long-term rival. This war comes as…

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My First Year In Nullsec

Elthar Nox 2022-01-06

Sometimes you have to take a risk, make that jump and dive into a new start. For me, 2021 was the year I would leap into in Nullsec. Like many others, I had been watching World War Bee 2 from…

22 Eve Online

Exterminate This!

Elthar Nox 2022-01-04

Doctor Who is coming to New Eden. Yes, you heard that correctly. EVE Online is doing its first crossover in its near 20-year life. The Doctor Who event, named “The Interstellar Convergence” will start on February 1st 2020 stretching for…

16 Editorial

Is Test Next Yet?

Adreland Deninard 2021-12-08

Since the beginning of Beeitnam, the Imperium’s response remained absolute and unchanging. We will not surrender. Good luck with fighting us with overwhelming odds, and TEST is NEXT. This represented an enormous change in long standing Imperium policy, which aimed at punishing former…

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Devblog Update: U-Turn On Mining Nerfs

Elthar Nox 2021-11-23

After a turbulent week of protests and general unrest, CCP has announced a series of drastic changes to the ‘From Extraction to Production‘ Devblog. The proposed changes, detailed by CCP Psych, see compression of moon goo/gas delayed until 2022, reversal…

10 Analysis

Lessons In Eve: Dunning-Kruger

Moomin Amatin 2021-11-22

We can learn many lessons from EVE Online. I do not mean we can learn about what a module does what under specific circumstances or such like “learnings.” I mean that EVE Online can teach us about ourselves and others….

18 Analysis

Eve Pure

Adreland Deninard 2021-11-17

I’m a voracious consumer of EVE-related Twitch content, channels like New Eden Post, Imperium News Network, Eve Universe, and many others.  Some are very informative; some are entertaining smack down contests.  However, more and more on Twitch I see a trend of…

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Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2021-11-15

I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed We all make mistakes; no one is perfect.  Has not everyone reading this article not admitted to someone else “I fucked up. I’m going to try and do better; please forgive…

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Breaking News – Jita 4-4 Protest

Rhivre 2021-11-13

On November 13 a protest broke out in Jita at the monument by the 4-4 station. This protest was prompted by the devblog released November 12 titled From Extraction to Production although tensions had been rising in the playerbase for…

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Battle Report: 0SHT-A Hits the Fan

Elthar Nox 2021-11-12

The Imperium and the coalition formerly known as PAPI scrapped again in the system of 0SHT-A in Curse. The battle in late EUTZ saw over 2000 pilots clash in a heavy TiDi brawl, with PAPI unable to make any progress…

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The Interim War Period and You!

Adreland Deninard 2021-11-10

About a month after the end of Eve Online’s recent galactic war between the forces of the Imperium and PAPI, a friend who is fairly new to the game shot me a message over Discord: “So, when does the next…