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You shall not pass: TEST Christmas Roam Provokes Supercapital Response

Quendan 2018-12-27

At 21:00 EVE Time on December 23, a TEST Alliance Christmas roam met its end at the hands of the Imperium’s hastily summoned super capital fleet. The damage is estimated to be around 87 billion ISK, about half of which…

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Is A Massive Nerf of Delve Ratting Coming?

Bill McDonough 2018-12-24

CCP may secretly be planning to take drastic actions to nerf the Imperium’s income with a nerf of ratting activities in the Southwest of New Eden. This potential move comes as the Monthly Economic Report has once again shown Delve…

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Triumvirate Titans and Supers Down in LS

mistwarden 2018-12-23

Ten Triumvirate titans and various support ships have been destroyed in what looks to be a move op gone wrong. The fighting took place in the Uemon system in the forge region. Total losses in the engagement topped 1.1 trillion…

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Design us a new way to Welp

mistwarden 2018-12-19

One of the most laid back and easy going squads is the Welp squad. Their approach to gameplay is to fly cheap ships with effective fittings which insure well, then head out seeking fights that often mean total destruction for themselves. Their aim…

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Breaking News: NC Finds The Undock Button

mistwarden 2018-12-17

A fight has broken out in the low sec system of Oijanen, with an early battle report indicating over 47b ISK in ships have already been destroyed.  The majority of the losses so far have been a battleship fleet, FAXes, and…

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Operation Permafrost: an Introduction

mistwarden 2018-12-17

Operation Permafrost has been unleashed onto the test server on Saturday and has given players a chance to test and explore the event before it goes live on December 17. According to CCP Sledgehammer, “[We] hope you enjoy this one;…

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Hard Knocks Falls on Hard Times, Again

Moomin Amatin 2018-12-15

On December 15, 2018, at slightly before 01:00, The Initiative again took the…err…initiative in J115405, also known as Rage. Following up on its very successful attack on the Keepstar named Fort Knocks, The Initiative was looking to destroy the second…

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The Rage Aftermath—In Their Own Words

Gray Doc 2018-12-14

INN has published several stories about the destruction of Fort Knocks, the Keepstar in the wormhole called “Rage.” This story, regarding that event, comes from a slightly different perspective, as it will present all phases of the battle from the…

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Fort Knocks Destroyed–Continuing Battle Coverage and Opinion

General Thade 2018-12-13

On 12/09/2018, Hard Knocks and The Initiative, along with their allies, participated in one of the largest wormhole battles ever fought in EVE Online. Hard Knocks came under attack by Imperium forces and the Imperium-lead Initiative set their eyes on…

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The Disbanding of CO2: A Requiem in Five Acts

Gray Doc 2018-12-13

The alliance Circle-Of-Two (CO2) announced on Dec. 2, 2018, that they were disbanding. INN released a brief news hit to mark the news, but I felt the disbanding deserved a longer treatment, because CO2 is one of the reasons, in a…

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Attack on Fort Knocks

Moomin Amatin 2018-12-12

Masters Of Their Domain Hard Knocks have been top dogs in wormhole space in Eve for many years, but they have also not been content to keep themselves within the spooky domain of wormholes. They have frequently stepped out into…

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Winter Celebrations in EVE

mistwarden 2018-12-10

It has been hard to miss but we are approaching the middle of December where most Online video games start their winter celebration events. Accordingly, the details of the EVE online event have been released today. Starting on the 11th…

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EVE Online Releases the MER for November

Gray Doc 2018-12-08

We are in a season of giving, so let’s open our presents and see what we’ve received recently. Delve once again looms large and skews the scale, but we we are getting used to seeing that for quite awhile. So,…