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Rumble in Delve: 50 vs. 50 FC Tournament Rapidly Approaches

Johnny Crowe 2018-04-13

Header art by AnuranonthecoucH The Tournament April 14 and 15 marks the dates for the inaugural Imperium FC tournament. 8 teams led by 8 different FC’s will compete for love and admiration as well as bragging rights around Delve. Familiar…

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Eve Fanfest Keynote

Canis Fangborn 2018-04-13

Header art by Smultar   17:00 UTC and it’s Keynote time! No technical glitches to hold us up this time and CCP Falcon took to the stage in a clearly confident and happy manner. He expressed his delight at being…

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Eve Fanfest Opening Ceremony

Canis Fangborn 2018-04-12

Header art by Smultar   Fanfest 2018 is kicking off today, April 12,  and will continue through April 14. If CCP’s hype is to be believed, the celebration of EVE Online’s 15th anniversary will be nothing short of show-stopping (in…

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Space Violence joins the Northern Party: Plans for Pure Violence in Motion

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2018-04-11

Header Art by Major Sniper   “Our mission is simple. Violence the locals.” With those words, Space Violence’s now well-known leader, Kendarr, announced the squad’s new deployment. And of course, all violent citizens followed. “100+ Dreadnoughts on move op or…

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Catching the Drift: ARC’s Makoto Priano talks about Drifter research

mistwarden 2018-04-10

Header art by Mintaki. There’s a significant chance that every inhabitant of New Eden is in grave danger. Over the last few years, the rise of the Drifters has been a clear and present threat, but lately something more sinister…

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Goon Spymasters Flip MoA Corp, Destroy Northern Bridge Network

Rhom Achensa 2018-04-10

Header art by Smultar A Mordus Angels corporation dissatisfied with Guardians of the Galaxy leadership has fled for The Imperium, off-lining the alliance’s entire jump bridge network and handing over several northern citadels to their former enemy. A director in…

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CCP Releases March Economic Report – Highsec Loses Its Production Dominance

Erick Asmock 2018-04-09

Header art by Smultar A few days ago CCP released the latest edition of the Monthly Economic Report for March.  For residents of Delve, it did not disappoint. It may even have surprised a few folks. The big news that…

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The Sanctuary Keepstars

David Matterall 2018-04-07

Editor’s note: This article comes to us from Matterall of Talking in Stations. It has been published unedited apart from minor tweaks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The time-honored tradition of making something new out of space wreckage applies situations…

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Freeports are dead

David Matterall 2018-04-06

Editor’s note: This article comes to us from Matterall of Talking in Stations. It has been published unedited apart from minor tweaks for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. “Matterall, btw,” I’m a meme now. Based on a Runescape meme of “I’m…

1 Uncle Sam wants YOU for Puffin Squad User Submitted

Lessons Learned in Corp Building

MadLib 2018-04-05

As I have recently started Puffin Squad and got into close quarters with the whole recruiting and public fleet organising, I wanted to take a moment to compare (the sometimes painful) notes with helpful capsuleers and friendly trolls – and…

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How Not to Run a Corp: A Sub–Zero Story

D'nara Atreidis 2018-03-31

The vast cold expanses of New Eden are a galaxy filled with war, friendship, betrayal, and no shortage of floating corpses. The large empires, beset by problems on all sides, sit stagnant. Faced with relentless attacks from pirates and entities…

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How I stole ‘The Hunt’

Rhom Achensa 2018-03-30

In just a couple of days, I managed to steal more than 300 million ISK from players enjoying the latest event, The Hunt. The idea came to me, like many great ideas, in the throes of boredom. My primary PVP…

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Imperium’s “Whalers” Hunt for Great Red Whales

Paramemetic 2018-03-29

When you’re peacefully mining or ratting deep in your own space, surrounded by friendlies watching intelligence channels and calling neutrals, it’s easy to feel almost safe in null sec. Surely, nothing big enough to threaten a Rorqual or Thanatos could…

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Providence-Catch border erupts in violence, 1 trillion ISK destroyed

Rhom Achensa 2018-03-27

In a somewhat pyrrhic victory for Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., the aggressors in Providence managed to save an Athanor in D-GTMI late on March 25. This has been hailed by them as a strategic victory, having saved a structure…