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Blue on Blue

Robert Miller 2018-01-11

Amidst 28 other enemy kills that lit up 1DQ1-A early on Saturday, January 6, a four-billion-ISK Revelation piloted by Alexander16 of INIT was accidentally destroyed by Captain Derek of Wildly Inappropriate. The blue-on-blue kill came amidst an effort to clear…

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Burning Ring of Fire: Goon Reprisals Destroy Billions, Flip Sov in Cloud Ring

Macky Avelli 2018-01-10

CLOUD RING – Prelle Constellation: Sudden and unexpected fighting has broken out in the historically peaceful region of Cloud Ring. The bloodshed has consumed billions of ISK in resources, and seen control of multiple systems contested. Two systems, MJYW-3 and…

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SiSi Leaks: New SOE Event or Bonus Coming Soon

JuriusDoctor 2018-01-10

The website Hoboleaks revealed today that there is an inbound event or subscription bonus for the Servant Sisters of EVE in upcoming build 1229730, currently on Singularity. The nature of the event/bonus is not immediately clear, but it is entirely…

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Patchnotes: January 2018 Release

mistwarden 2018-01-09

The January patch went live on Tranquility today, and although it was a small patch, it certainly contains some interesting changes. The full patch notes are available in a news article on the Eve site. Here we will look at…

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State of the Best Squad: Welp Squad December 2017 Edition

Havish Montak 2018-01-09

December Action Stevinz and the Fozzie Claws Having recently transferred to the Brothers in Arms Alliance, Stevinz took the leap from expert hunter to FC. Using his nefarious ability to sniff out AFK ratters, Stevinz has begun to pad the…

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Alliance Profile: Pandemic Horde

Hopeful Turtle 2018-01-08

Who are Pandemic Horde? Pandemic Horde is a member of the PanFam coalition, along with Pandemic Legion and NCdot. They are a large alliance, boasting ~12,460 members and are extremely newbie (or in their terminology, newbean) friendly. They live in…

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CCP Live Event: CONCORD Universal Timebase Expedition

Bill McDonough 2018-01-07

YULAI, Jan 6, YC 120 – CONCORD and Project Discovery have launched a new research initiative. Its purpose is to “compare the accuracy of the current universal timebase” with newly-developed instruments for measuring time. The research team, headed up by Dr….

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GOTG & Horde Caps Overwhelm Goonswarm Defense

Rhom Achensa 2018-01-05

In the early hours of January 4, Guardians of the Galaxy and Pandemic Horde dropped a small capital and supercapital fleet into a fight over a Goonswarm Federation-owned Astrahus in the Pure Blind sytem of ROIR-Y, reinforcing the citadel into…

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Keep-ing Christmas in New Eden

JuriusDoctor 2018-01-04

The holidays have come and gone, and with them, a host of distractions and claims on everyone’s time. With that in mind, we take a look back at something you might have missed in the hubbub: a Keepstar died. It’s not…

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Shutdown Date for XML and CREST APIs Set as ESI Reaches Feature Parity

Robby Kasparic 2018-01-03

On January 3, Team Tech Co posted the latest update on the development of EVE Online’s API system. As announced way back on November 11, 2016, Team Tech Co is moving to transition the API offered for EVE from the…

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The Terror of Ignoitton: Four Days in the Life of an Impairor of Doom

Ketriaava 2018-01-03

[23:01:13] DDoc03 > I can’t even get upset at that… thanks for humoring me Interesting things can happen anywhere in Eve. As I have recently moved into an alliance with a high demand for Jump Freighter logistics, I have found…

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Breaking news: Super fight in Insmother. Solar fleet loses 450B

mistwarden 2018-01-01

The New Year got off to an explosive start with a super cap fight in 5C-RPA in Insmother. It seems like a drop on Fraternity. went horribly wrong for Solar Fleet. Piecing together the string of events from the timeline it…

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Why most Alliances suck at Industry

Romans 2018-01-01

Recently on the Metashow, an interesting question was raised: The Mittani asked why other alliances are half-assing industry. I argue that alliances, and to a degree coalitions, are organized on a spectrum of authority. In federations, there is usually a…

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Out For Your ISK: A Talk with Scammers

JMoravia 2017-12-30

The Yoiul event is running at full steam now. I’ve found a couple of quiet systems where no one else is running the Rogue Drone Nests, and I’ve managed to fill my Raven’s cargo hold nearly to bursting with cerebral…