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CO2 Keepstar Under Siege

Rhom Achensa 2018-07-13

The staging Keepstar owned by Circle-Of-Two was put into armor reinforcement early Friday, as Imperium fleets continued their march across Fade. In a stunning surprise attack just days into the war, a bevy of titans backed by Baltec Megathrons peeled…

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Imperium Anchors Advanced Staging Keepstar: As it Happened

Paramemetic 2018-07-12

Last night the Imperium anchored a keepstar in the Cloud Ring system of 6RCQ-V, securing its borders and placing its armored forces within striking distance of a number of critical systems in Pure Blind as well as direct access to…

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A Recent History of the East

Paramemetic 2018-07-11

As Brave Newbies (Brave) move ops are getting hazed and with Pandemic Legion (PL) deploying its supercapitals to the South, attentions have turned recently to Immensea. Last week, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) failed to bring down a fortizar belonging…

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Breaking: Imperium Anchors Keepstar in 6RCQ-V

Bill McDonough 2018-07-11

As part of the ongoing buildup of forces in the region of Cloud Ring, Goonswarm has anchored a Keepstar in 6RCQ-V, on the border of Fade. If the citadel successfully onlines, this will mark a significant upgrade in defensive fortifications…

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CCP Patch Notes and In Dev Video: Zealot Buff, Claw Nerf, Abyssal Loot, Faction Fort Salvage, and More

Savvy Kneel 2018-07-10

As CCP prepares the Dawn of Liberation event, scheduled to run from July 10-24, the update that kicks off the event on Tuesday comes with a number of innovations that will likely be of interest to capsuleers. CCP notes that…

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“Dawn of Liberation” live event launches

mistwarden 2018-07-10

As the next in an ongoing series of live events, “Dawn of Liberation” launches today, July 10, and will run for two weeks until the 24th. The usual fanfare of themed loot is to be expected, including boosters, skins, fireworks…

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The Imperium mobilizes for war in the North

Paramemetic 2018-07-09

Following months of casual harassment by small groups of bored Imperium SIGs and Squads, the Imperium has committed to upsetting the galactic balance and is in the process of deploying a true war fleet to the beleaguered region.  With Pandemic…

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Post Turtle Down: Dreadnought Killed in Delve

JMoravia 2018-07-09

An old folk proverb tells about something called a “post turtle.”  If you were walking down a country road, the proverb goes, and you saw a turtle sitting on top of a fence post, you’d have to assume there was…

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7th Estate Inaugural State of the Coalition

Rhivre 2018-07-04

On July 1, the newest coalition in New Eden held its inaugural State of the Coalition (SOTC). The 7th Estate, the coalition founded by Jin’taan in May, sat down for the first time to officially hear what their founder had…

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LK1K-5: Server-Tanked Fortizar Defeats Pilots’ Fun

Quendan 2018-07-02

Header Image by Empanada. EVE Online’s big battles are one of the game’s main selling points. They’re the events that see two thousand players shoot each other over a strategic objective, or just have fun. Veteran EVE players tell stories…

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Delve and Back Again

Savvy Kneel 2018-07-01

I’ve been “Eve-curious” for a long time. An avid – albeit casual – gamer, I’ve dipped into maybe half a dozen different MMOs over the past several years. I’ve tried a few B2P and F2P offerings, but have never found…

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Fraternity’s last stand in LK1K-5 – As it happened

Moomin Amatin 2018-06-28

The Background Much has been talked about with regard to events in the East. Now you will have to excuse me here for what some will call bias but it is not without good reason. So let’s recap very quickly…

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CODE. Victim Gives Clinic on How Not to Fly a Jump Freighter

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-27

Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, the 19th Century Prussian military strategist, said that “no plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Here in New Eden, anyone who has dipped a toe in PvP knows that to be true….

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VFK-IV: Behind the Scenes

Bill McDonough 2018-06-26

DEKLEIN – VFK-IV VI – Moon 1: Hidden deep within the bowels of the June 5 station changeover was a secret plan. Initially proposed by Sort Dragon of GotG’s Darkness. (DARK) alliance, the plan was the result of months of discussion…