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Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP

Rhivre 2018-09-06

In a news post released today, CCP Games announced they are to be acquired by Pearl Abyss, the company behind Black Desert Online. The deal will allow CCP to continue to operate independently, with Pearl Abyss bringing its development expertise…

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The Drafting Table: Hull Gnosis

Robby Kasparic 2018-09-06

Welcome back to another edition of The Drafting Table. This time we take a look at the oldest of the Society of Conscious Thought ships, the Gnosis. Backstory The Gnosis has always struck me as an interesting ship, so when…

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EVE Online Goes to School

Gray Doc 2018-09-04

In the past five years, EVE Online has garnered increasing attention in academic circles. As an EVE player and academic myself, I have enjoyed reading articles in scholarly journals that mention EVE Online. In this article I’ll provide a brief…

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Texas Hold’em – New Eden Style

Savvy Kneel 2018-09-03

I wrote in my very first piece on INN that “there’s more to some games than just the game itself.” Eve is definitely one of those games, but it’s not the only one. Another game that lives up to its…

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CCP Handing Down Judgment on Harassment & Bots

Bill McDonough 2018-09-02

CCP has reason to feel good about themselves right now. They recently hosted GM Week, a multi-day event that highlighted the hard work of their GM team. They bookended the event in perfect EVE fashion: with explosions. On both the…

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Holesale Eviction: The Final Update

General Thade 2018-09-02

During the last two weeks, Holesale Operations faced a massive threat when they discovered that a spy network had been implemented into the alliance, and has been preparing for an attack for over 9 months. The main plan of Hard…

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Some Thoughts on the the July 2018 MER and EVE’s Economic Numbers in General

Erick Asmock 2018-09-01

CCP has once again produced the Monthly Economic Report for July 2018 for this paradise we call New Eden. Here we are just beyond the halfway point of 2018. It seems like yesterday we were in the cold grasp of…

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Latest patch will nerf courier scams

Rhom Achensa 2018-09-01

In September, CCP will put a severe dent in courier contract scamming with a change to cargo drops in space. The change, which is live now on the Singularity test server, allows ships to deposit items into a citadel without…

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Devblog: Security Update Q3

JokerGuy 2018-08-31

On August 31 CCP released their Q3 Security update from Team Security. 2018 has seen some serious changes in the material CCP provides to the Eve community and one hotly anticipated set of numbers is the count of hackers, bots,…

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30 Months in Eve Online | Journey of a Thousand Systems, Stumbles, and Successes

Ketriaava 2018-08-31

Hello again everyone! This article is part of a series on my time in Eve Online, having made much of the journey through the game solo or otherwise with limited assistance. I am functionally independent, though in recent times this…

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Bloodbath in Geminate

General Thade 2018-08-31

At approximately 19:00 on August 29, an almost 400-billion-ISK battle broke out in Geminate when the Imperium dropped dreads on a Rorqual fleet in the system of 04-LQM. As with most large battles there are elaborate plans behind the carnage….

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Two Dev Blogs from CCP Karkur and CCP Fozzie Clues us in to “Little Things” in September and a Personal Cargo Option Released on SISI

Erick Asmock 2018-08-30

On August 29 CCP Karkur released a Little Things Dev Post related to the September Release. CCP looks for “little things” in the game that makes using the interface or some process more challenging than it ought to be. Crusty…

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GM Week – Final Day Recap

JokerGuy 2018-08-30

YULAI – AUGUST 26: A botting Avatar Titan was killed in Yulai, a High Sec system. The justice handed out on Monday was a treat, and on the closing day, we (this time I was in system) dealt even more justice…

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Does Industrial Might Make Right?

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-30

There is a never ending debate among Eve Online enthusiasts. This argument has persisted throughout the game’s 15 year lifecycle. There are players who feel that Player Versus Player activities are where the core focus should be and those who choose…