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Talos Speaks: CCP’s Masterplan

Dirk Stetille 2020-01-17

Just to be clear, we talked to Team Talos member CCP Masterplan. We didn’t get CCP’s master plan. We’re good, but we’re not gods here, folks. So Arrendis and I sat down with CCP Masterplan to talk about the team…

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Brawl for Bushfires—Player-Run Event for PLEX4GOOD

Rhivre 2020-01-16

As part of the PLEX4GOOD for the Australian bushfires, a group of AUTZ players from around New Eden have gotten together to organise a brawl to raise PLEX for  the event. Organised by Chiimera (Goonswarm), Fawlty7 (Tikle), Sort Dragon (Darkness),…

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Tenal Gets Lit Up By NCPL Assault

mistwarden 2020-01-14

AKA: The nut cracks. Early on Sunday, January 12, the joint forces of Northern Coalition(dot) and Pandemic Legion (supported by Pandemic Horde) took a trip into Tenal to contest three Infrastructure Hub (iHub) timers as part of a months-long effort…

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CCP’s 2019 Changes and Team Talos

Art Vandolay 2020-01-11

Eve Online Community Developer CCP Convict recently posed an important question to Capsuleers: How are you feeling about EVE right now? Convict is inquiring about how CCP has performed over the last year, and in particular the last three months. CCP’s…

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PLEX For GOOD, Sisi goes V.I.P., Delayed Update, and Yeet That Fleet

mistwarden 2020-01-09

On January 8, CCP released a number of news updates on topics including PLEX for GOOD, this year’s plans for CCP, and a change in status for Singularity. Here’s a quick break down. PLEX For GOOD PLEX for GOOD is…

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How Could CCP Regain The Community’s Trust in 2020?

Jin'taan 2020-01-07

I don’t believe it would be a controversial statement to say that 2019 was a tumultuous year for EVE Online. Late on January 2, CCP Convict seemed to reinforce this attitude by taking to the r/eve subreddit to openly probe…

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Invasion Tournament: Finalists Head to Fanfest

Art Vandolay 2020-01-03

The Eve Online Invasion World Tour has ended but has set the scene for a tournament of champions gathered from around the globe at this year’s Fanfest. Signature to each Tour location was the Invasion Tournament Series, an arena-style 2v2…

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Devblog: Your Year In Eve

Rhivre 2019-12-30

CCP have released a devblog to close out the year, announcing that they have created a “Your Year in Eve” video for all players who have had at least one month of Omega subscription during 2019. Emails with a link…

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EVE Online 2019 Recap | January to June

Jin'taan 2019-12-27

So, with the year drawing to a close, this is normally the time I’d sit down with my colleagues to chat about the goings on in the year and bandy about the normal topics: Who did the most to change…

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EVE’s Addictive Risks and Rewards

Susurrus Synaesthesia 2019-12-24

After a particularly bad day, with a grand total of 4.6b ISK lost, I briefly wondered why the hell I play this stupid game. But that wonder was short lived. I know exactly why I play EVE. I doubt that the…

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Breaking News: HyperNet Gifts for Some?

mistwarden 2019-12-18

On Tuesday, December 10, CCP launched the HyperNet Relay as part of the Free Market release. The HyperNet immediately received attention due to some high-value raffles, such as bluemelon’s Raven State Issue raffle. However, the HyperNet Relay has also been…

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Outer Passage Out Rats Delve

Art Vandolay 2019-12-16

The November MER marked an unprecedented occurrence in modern Eve bloc geopolitics. The Drone Region of Outer Passage, historically a populated rental region, propelled itself to the highest grossing region in rat bounties, after some earlier spikes, outperforming Delve in…

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The most wonderful time of the year…oh god it’s a hot drop

mistwarden 2019-12-14

Oh, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this year’s Yoiul events feel like Halloween. The theme this year is ‘naughty or nice‘ and features a range of different activities. First off, it’s 13 days of gift-giving over…

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Hypernet Relay: Raven State Issue Edition

mistwarden 2019-12-10

The Raven State Issue ranks as one of the rarest ships in New Eden. Only four of these ships were ever created, handed out in 2006 as the first prize during the third Alliance Tournament. The State Raven’s main features…