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Exploration Part 2: The next step

Soulweave 2019-01-14

Hello again, explorers. In continuation of my exploration guide series, Part 1 available here, whether you are using an Alpha account or Omega account, are a brand new player or returning player who wishes to explore data and relic sites,…

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On a Mission from (Pro)God: The Quest for Schroedinger’s Cache

Paramemetic 2019-01-12

In this world of cowards, few will answer a true call to adventure. In a game where fights are won before anyone undocks, where risk aversion is king, and where nobody is willing to stand by their principles: one man,…

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War Dec Changes—One Month In

Bill McDonough 2019-01-11

“War is cruelty. There’s no use trying to reform it, the crueler it is the sooner it will be over.” -Gen. Wm. Tecumseh Sherman On December 11, CCP games released the December Update to EVE Online. In addition to new…

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Breaking News: TEST and the Punishment of Horde

mistwarden 2019-01-10

“We’re going to keep hitting them until they either go away, or get tired of it and give up in high sec.” – Progodlegend Earlier today (January 10), ProgodLegend, a military director of TEST Alliance Please Ignore, sent out an…

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Upcoming updates for chat, security, rocks, and Police skins

mistwarden 2019-01-09

Today has seen a range of different dev blogs come out from CCP, covering chat, security, and new effects for asteroids. We’re going to break them down and see what’s coming to New Eden. In the March 2018 release, a…

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The First Annual Meta Show Awards — 2018

Robert Miller 2019-01-08

INN’s Meta Show gave kudos to some outstanding and not so outstanding events and achievements from last year, as voted on by (mostly) Imperium members. Show hosts DaBigRedBoat and The Mittani floated the awards idea a couple of weeks ago, and then…

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Geminate: The Million Dollar Invasion

Moomin Amatin 2019-01-08

tldr: Three years ago in Eve Online, an invasion caused the destruction of  hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of in-game stuff, an action that made gaming news. After that invasion, known as The Casino War, EVE’s greatest player The…

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Exploration: The first steps

Soulweave 2019-01-07

EVE Online is a sandbox game like no other. In New Eden, players can choose to do what they want to do, and the game has long since introduced the New Player Experience (NPE), which has helped make it easier…

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The Story Of Luna

JMoravia 2019-01-06

In recent times, INN has hosted a semi-regular column titled “Awful Loss of the Day“. Today’s installment of ALOD is actually misnamed. It is not, in fact, one day’s loss. It is the story of poor, unfortunate Luna Kawackuci, who,…

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Should I Do Industry? A Checklist

JMoravia 2019-01-05

Industry in EVE Online is a weird way of making money. The first reason is that in a game about internet spaceships, industry takes place almost entirely inside of space stations. There was one period earlier this year when the…

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The Most Powerful Weapon In The Game

mistwarden 2019-01-02

The most powerful weapon in the game? It’s not a fleet of capital ships, it’s not a full titan fleet, it’s not the unbuildable Palatine Keepstar. It’s a simple thing called trust. You see, trust is what bonds us together….

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Fiend Dies to The Initiative in Querious

Quendan 2018-12-31

The kill last week of an Alliance Tournament ship produced volumes of interest around the Eve Universe, and a bit of controversy as the pilot and his corpmates suggested game mechanics might have failed at a critical time. At 15:14…

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Bringing Down the Imperium: Can it be Done?

Harris Grekos 2018-12-29

Okay, people, get your tinfoil hats on, warm up your neuralyzers, and prepare to take a rough trip down the rabbit hole. A quick introduction might be in order, as most things in EVE only make sense when in context….