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Wormhole Brawl of the Week #1

General Thade 2018-11-16

Welcome to my new series. Throughout this multiple-week series my goal is to give readers a look into what fights and engagements look like in wormhole space, which is largely ignored by the rest of EVE Online players.  In wormhole…

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Dead Coalition SOTA – They would not try this in AU TZ!

Moomin Amatin 2018-11-14

A State of the Alliance (SOTA) is normally only given for major events affecting an alliance. These can be both good or bad. Sort Dragon’s SOTA from November 6 seems to be one given under bad times. A little context…

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EVE Player Profile: Kendarr

Gray Doc 2018-11-14

Here is the fourth in a series of profiles with FCs from the most recent war in the north.  This time, meet Kendarr, of the Zebra Corp (ZEBR) corporation in the Goonswarm Federation (CONDI). Gray Doc (INN): On November. 9,…

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mistwarden 2018-11-11

I attended the last mass test for EVE Online ahead of the Onslaught expansion, and got the first-hand experience of the changes to the Abyss. Those changes include the introduction of mining platforms as well as the new solo PVP…

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Live Events Continue: Ushra’Khan And AmarrMil Clash Over Kahah

Bill McDonough 2018-11-09

In a follow-up to a story INN first reported on November 5, CCP’s renewed engagement in live events with players continues. At roughly 1800 UTC on November 5, Minmatar FW alliance Ushra’Khan (U’K) undocked a Providence-class freighter in Kahah. A…

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Wormhole Chaos: WHBOO and the Strange, Bizarre, So Fun, Very Weird Eviction

Vulxanis Viceroy 2018-11-08

Ready for a roller coaster of a story? The meat of this article will be quoting an After Action Review written by Jack Haamilton, one of the FCs who brought some kind of order to the utter insanity that was…

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CO2 State Of The Alliance: GigX Returns (Again)?

mistwarden 2018-11-06

On November 4, Circle of Two held a SOTA meeting to announce their plans for the future. GigX, present on his alliance’s voice comms platform, discussed the unannounced reset of CO2 by Northern Coalition(dot), his struggles with CCP Team Security,…

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Fweddit Self-Destructs 20B in Highsec Storyline Action

Bill McDonough 2018-11-05

KAHAH—November 4, 2018: Between 16:42 and 16:54 UTC, Fweddit members and alts in Fwehman Brothers Holdings, Viziam, and Flight of the Kiwis self-destructed nine freighters worth 22 billion ISK. This move is the latest activity in an ongoing storyline connected…

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DeadCo Titans trapped by PH/BL

mistwarden 2018-11-04

BREAKING NEWS Around five Dead Coalition titans and supercapital support have been bubbled and are under fire from Pandemic Horde and Black Legion in the N2IS-B system; the fight is being streamed on the twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/bucketphoobia (from the NC/PL…

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The Imperium tries to steal Brave’s Halloween Candy

Moomin Amatin 2018-11-02

At 20:00 on 2018-10-31 beloved FC of the Imperium, DaBigRedBoat, had a little surprise for the Imperium News Network Twitch channel. Boat continues his journey to emulate the elite PvP of such great entities as Mordus Angels and Circle of…

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EVE Player Profile: alphastarpilot

Gray Doc 2018-11-02

In a series of profiles we are looking at some of the FCs, from both sides, involved in the recent Northern War. Meet alphastarpilot, of Horde Vanguard ([TRYHD]) corporation in Pandemic Horde (REKTD) alliance. “A lot of negativity directed toward…

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EVE Online Crimson Harvest Live Event

mistwarden 2018-10-30

The humble ‘cerebral booster’ has come a long way from its first iteration as a training booster for low skill point characters to the versions we get almost every month now to feed our addiction for faster skill training. The…

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Darkness CCP-US Keepstar Unanchoring

Ketriaava 2018-10-28

In a recent discovery posted on Reddit, Dead Coalition member DARKNESS. has initiated the unanchoring process of their Keepstar in the system of CCP-US in Deklein, on the border of Fade. Dead Coalition leader Sort Dragon responded to INN’s request…

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The Outrage Over Jump Gates

kcolor 2018-10-28

“I hate the direction Eve is going, I miss the good old days when capitals and supercaps didn’t blob everything and counter subcaps completely.” This is a complaint I keep seeing on Reddit. My response is: “What game were you…