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Introducing the new EVE Online Starter Pack

Rumi Mandragoran 2019-06-26

On June 25, CCP released a new Starter Pack DLC. Similar to the previous Starter Pack, it costs $5 and features several items that will be useful for new accounts or existing accounts that have yet to purchase a Starter…

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The Last PanFam Keepstar in Tribute Falls

Miracle zizo 2019-06-25

It is 0800 EVE-time. Imperium forces have gathered in their staging system to form up for the kill of SH1-6P Keepstar. While waiting for the form up, Imperium fleets have killed 16 Astrahus, 2 Athanors, 2 Raitaru, and 2 Sotiyos….

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Tribute’s iHubs Wiped Clean

mistwarden 2019-06-25

As of the June 24 all northern allied iHubs, which where installed before the start of the invasion, have been destroyed. The major hubs protecting the last Keepstar as well as the northern end of Tribute fell. This means all…

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Imperium vs PanFam: A Week of War – Part 5

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-24

Welcome to the fifth installment of the week of war between the Imperium and PanFam. The main events of the 15th of June until the 21st of June will be covered. Despite PanFam’s continued refusal to engage there is an…

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Dirk Stetille 2019-06-22

Announced live by CCPs Dopamine and Falcon from EVE North in Toronto, the incoming 14th Council of Stellar Management will be taking their seats in coordination with CCP over the coming weeks. There were a total of 32,994 votes cast…

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Imperium vs PanFam: A Week of War – Part 4

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-21

Welcome to the fourth installment of a week of war between the Imperium and PanFam. This is where I will summarise the events of the week in generally broad strokes. This piece will cover the events of June 8-14. If…

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Why it’s great to be a new player during wartime

Rumi Mandragoran 2019-06-20

So, you just started playing EVE Online and want to join a player-owned corporation? Good choice! Whether you are interested in the benefits of mining, ratting, etc. in nullsec, are looking for good PVP, or want to take place in…

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Skill Urself Disbands

mistwarden 2019-06-17

Just before DT on June 16, Skill Urself <INGME>, commonly referred to as ‘SkillU’, disbanded their alliance. This caused the destruction of all the TCUs they owned. As a result, a total of 259 systems now no longer have TCUs….

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Jin’talks—How Do Turrets Work?

Jin'taan 2019-06-17

I took a look in the opening of one of my other videos on some of the quirks of the missile system, and that sparked a lot of questions about what the oddities were with regards to turret mechanics, and…

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Staging Error Toasts Two Titans

mistwarden 2019-06-17

Two Erebus-class titans were killed today in P3EN-E, Vale of the Silent, which were the first titans killed in the war zone. They both belonged to Pandemic Legion. They were reported taking part in a biweekly re-staging exercise to hone…

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The Ins and Outs of Propaganda

JMoravia 2019-06-16

I’ve played many different sports throughout my life, but the first was baseball. I played in my hometown’s Little League for five seasons and also watched professional games, and in the course of following pro baseball, I acquired an overriding…

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Goonswarm Federation Declares War Against Mogul Financial

mistwarden 2019-06-15

While there’s a war that might not be a war going on in the north, a whole new front has opened up in high-sec space as Goonswarm declare war on Eve-Mogul. Who are Mogul and what do they do? Eve-Mogul’s website…

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Breaking News – SH1 being evacuated

Moomin Amatin 2019-06-14

In a move that will likely surprise no one PanFam seem to be evacuating assets from their front line staging system of SH1. Signs of such a move were already spotted earlier in the week, including unusual capital movements from…

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2019 CSM Election Official Ballot (Official)

Paramemetic 2019-06-14

Another year has ticked by so quickly! Spring has sprung, the Imperium is burning down some Northern backwater, and, as surely as the Delve Time Unit rises, the CSM elections are upon us.  As all diligent goons and Imperium allies…