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Submission 2014-03-04

Editors Note: This was originally written for TheMittani.com by Angry Mustache Ever since the dawn of time (around 2003), EVE players have had a definite superiority complex over players of other MMOs, especially World of Warcraft. After all, EVE and…

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Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2014-01-29

EVE Online, CCP Games’ flagship title, is a big game. In an industry where multiplayer matches are considered big at 64 players, EVE sees thousands of pilots all pile into a system to duke it in battles that can last…

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Submission 2014-01-28

On the one-year anniversary of the Battle of Asakai, New Eden again exploded in spaceship violence. The battle in B-R has already surpassed all records set before, with over 70 titans killed and trillions of ISK in damages. As with…

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Submission 2013-11-15

I’d like to tell you about a mythical land, flowing with milk and honey. I’d like to tell you about a place where the ISK is never ending, where the native population is generally unskilled and domesticated, and where a capsuleer…

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Why Do People Bot?

Submission 2013-08-31

Botters are possibly the most hated demographic in EVE. Despised by everyone not among their number and most of their kin, many people believe all bots should be permanently banned from EVE—and some are. This leads to a most intriguing…

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Submission 2013-08-29

I’m no stranger to badly fit bombers. Having flown with Bombers Bar for the past year, I’ve become desensitized to seeing an abundance of creative – albeit ridiculous – ideas on how a stealth bomber should be fit and flown….

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Bob: The God of Wormholes.

TMC Archives 2013-08-27

I would like to take this opportunity to present to you the cultural phenomenon relating to Bob the God of Wormholes. No, it has nothing to do with the infamous Band of Brothers from yesteryear. Bob the God of Wormholes is…

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A Practical Guide to Highsec Awoxing

Submission 2013-08-11

One of the many disciplines of general infiltration, highsec awoxing is an activity that involves joining a target corporation then subsequently killing their members. The name “awox” was originally popularized following a string of kills by a character named “Awox,”…

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The Nature of Tears

TMC Archives 2013-08-08

Ever since Eve was launched, there have been people who feel they have been violated by other players and the game mechanics they use. Usually, people will contain their frustration, but occasionally some will let others know of their anger. Thus,…

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T2 Production – A Decryptor Guide

TMC Archives 2013-07-09

Invention and T2 production are excellent avenues for players to earn money in the industry profession.  Unfortunately, the systems and process is extremely daunting at first glance. Once you understand the mechanics and thought process, though, T2 production can be an…

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How To Win At Hacking: A Guide

Submission 2013-05-30

Odyssey is coming, and with it, the demise of “push button, recieve loot” hacking and archaeology sites. The hacking minigame is up in functional form on Sisi and I spent the better part of a day working on it, then…

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Submission 2013-05-19

(Author’s Note: Special thanks to MonsterMashn for the photo help, and the folks of Sickology for the info about their Gnosis fleets.) With the celebrations of Fanfest and EVE’s 10th birthday now a pleasant, hazy memory, I figured it was…

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Carriers 101: Training

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2013-03-13

(Author’s note: As this is my first piece that is not news of some sort, I’ve decided to let down my hair a little.  Those that might be offended by colourful language should harden the fuck up.) This summer, CCP…

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The Bloodstained Stars: SOE Epic Arc for Newbies

Submission 2013-02-01

This mission brief is written as much to convey the effect the Tech 1 Cruiser changes have had on this Epic Arc as it is to advertise the existence of the arc itself. In the case of the Sisters of…