Friend of TMC Scott Manley is best known for his YouTube videos supporting and explaining Kerbal Space Program. He is also an aficionado of a great number of space games, including EVE Online. Scott has released a new video explaining the history of the 2013 Fountain War between the then-CFC and TEST/NC3/PL. As Scott says, the Fountain War was a significant conflict in New Eden’s history, complete with strategic blunders and reversals, intrigue and betrayals. His video paints a vivid picture of the conflict that is sure to be of interest to anyone interested in science fiction, regardless of EVE experience.

The Fountain War now forms the basis for a prospective book written by author Jeff Edwards, as a Kickstarter project, one supported by all of the major players on all sides of the war. Stories from both sides have been flooding in to be a part of the project, and can be sent to, or

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