State of the Goonion Address: Cloud Ring Purge


Thursday, November 19, saw the delivery of another State of the Goonion address from The Mittani, heralding the beginning of a new war for the Imperium. Streamed live on TheMittaniTV’s Twitch channel, the address named Pandemic Horde <REKTD>‘s nascent coalition, involving many confirmed and frequent enemies of the Imperium, as the campaign’s target, citing acts of aggression and declarations of intent to harass and invade the space of both the Imperium itself, and former CFC-members and current Imperium allies I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth <J4LP>.


Planned combat operations announced included an attack on REKTD assets in Cloud Ring, as well as nearby lowsec. The opening of hostilities was delayed, however, by REKTD leadership re-scheduling their vulnerability timers to AUTZ. Also announced was the Imperium’s planned shift away from TenguFleet into a new Proteus-centric fleet composition, though indications were given that the fittings for the new fleet comp have not yet been posted. Pilots were assured, however, that the fittings will be available soon, and that ‘-cats’ will in no way be part of the fleet designation.

(Editor’s Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. The State of the Goonion, of course, comes from The Mittani.)

UPDATE: The State of the Goonion speech has been uploaded to Soundcloud, and is embedded above.

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