The Imperium is delighted to present a new department within our bastion of civilization and prosperity: the Ministry of Foreign Oversight, aka ‘MiniFo(fofo)’. The Ministry of Foreign Oversight exists to promote Imperial values of Unity, Discipline, and Victory in regions near Imperium space, but outside of direct sovereignty control.

It is our hope that through MiniFo, we can bring civilization and order to a galaxy which has increasingly descended into incoherent, screeching barbarism. We will usher in a new era of enlightenment and opportunity to those who are not yet able to call themselves Imperial citizens, or experience the security, prosperity and variety we enjoy in the galactic northwest.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Oversight offer loyal Imperial subjects a number of benefits in return for a small bimonthly fee: Intelligence sharing, organizational best practices, moon scans and recon information, secure supercapital construction, and discounts on blueprint copies of high-value goods difficult for smaller entities to afford on their own.

When the Imperium declares a region a Dominion, all Imperium assets will be evacuated, allowing loyal subjects full use of their territory with no interference. Taxes delivered from subjects are shared across the whole of the Imperial citizenry; the program will enrich all, much like the Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere in the pre-Aegis era.

We understand that as a new Dark Age sweeps across the unenlightened territories of New Eden, some will undoubtedly refuse the kind and polite entreaties of MiniFo in their attempts to elevate their situation. To aid in the establishment of a Dominion, the Imperium’s Black Fleet has been tasked to ensure that pacification and security are established in a smooth and orderly fashion.

Look forward to civilization! Look forward to the arrival of the Ministry of Foreign Oversight and its smiling, polite representatives! Help and hope are on the way!

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