Tribal Band selling systems, retreating to Stain


Tribal Band, who recently lost their staging system in Catch to combined forces of Darkness of Despair (-DD-) Against ALL Authorities (.-A-.) and C0VEN, confirmed today that they have sold their systems and stations in Paragon Soul to C0VEN for 26 billion ISK.

Tribal Band also confirmed that they are planning to sell their remaining systems in Period Basis and are in negotiations with Get Off My Lawn (LAWN) to transfer the systems, however the deal has not yet been finalized.

For the time being, Tribal Band is retreating to the Stain Region to allow its member corporations to decide what direction they want to take. With regards to the unconfirmed rumors about moving to Curse, Tribal Band confirmed that this is being considered as a viable option however they haven’t made any decisions as of yet.

This article originally appeared on, written by Sorgenkind.

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