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The Imperium’s Marching Orders

David Matterall 2016-07-10

The Mittani and Goonswarm (GSF) leadership gave the State of the Goonion (SOTG) address yesterday, laying out their current situation, followed by their strategy going forward. Between 600-700 players piled into comms to hear the dense 20-minutepresentation, followed by 40…

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PL Dreadnought fleet destroyed in Vale

Submission 2016-03-02

A Pandemic Legion fleet under Killah Bee, consisting of dreadnoughts and Navy Apocalypses, attacked and reinforced a LAWN jump bridge POS in LAWN’s capital system of FH-TTC earlier today. LAWN and BASTION pings went out for Hurricanes under Cainun while alliance…

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Avatar down in Vale

TMC Archives 2016-02-29

What started as a combined LAWN/BASTION strategic op to save a tower in Hakonen turned into a titan kill in Vale of the Silent earlier today. The LAWN and BASTION contingents, a fleet of armour T3 strategic cruisers led by…

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NC. and Imperium Brawl; 48B ISK Destroyed

Submission 2015-11-23

Northern Coalition and the Imperium clashed in MR4-MY on November 22, at approximately 19:41 EVE time. In the wake of the conflict, over 48 billion ISK worth of wreckage was left, along with much heartache for Northern Coalition and Space…

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Tribal Band sells Period Basis, moving to Curse

TMC Archives 2013-08-28

We previously reported that Tribal Band (TRIBE) was regrouping in Stain, considering to move to Curse and were negotiating to sell the systems in the Period Basis region to “Get of my Lawn” (LAWN). TRIBE has made their move to Curse now official…

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Tribal Band selling systems, retreating to Stain

TMC Archives 2013-08-26

Tribal Band, who recently lost their staging system in Catch to combined forces of Darkness of Despair (-DD-) Against ALL Authorities (.-A-.) and C0VEN, confirmed today that they have sold their systems and stations in Paragon Soul to C0VEN for…