Tribal Band sells Period Basis, moving to Curse

TMC Archives 2013-08-28

We previously reported that Tribal Band (TRIBE) was regrouping in Stain, considering to move to Curse and were negotiating to sell the systems in the Period Basis region to “Get of my Lawn” (LAWN).

TRIBE has made their move to Curse now official and the transfer of stations to LAWN in the Period Basis region has begun. The price is unknown.

The Tribal Band executor Triget commented on the development as follows:

Regardless of the public preception of Tribe, the members, the corps and the leaders have proven time and again their abilities to step up to challenges. Over the past 6 months we’ve fought in Stain and Esoteria, we did everything we could. To assist test in 1-SMEB, then deployed to help in Karan bringing 400 people to 6VDT.

Perhaps [the biggest mistake] this is me being nearsighted in hindsight, and that was allowing what seemed like existential crises for the alliance to prevent me from focusing on developing the right people in the right places… ie, developing FCs and not kicking people in leadership that needed the boot earlier.

[In regards to the future of Tribe], I think that there are many good groups of guys that will continue. For many if not most of the people in tribe, this was their first experience with null, and many I expect will remember the past year as I remember my few days in IAC the first time

The announcement to the members of TRIBE reads as follows:

Now begins the next phase of our alliance’s development. Taking the leadership core we have developed and who performed so admirably in defending YHN we will make a newer, better alliance. The examples of DICKX and Shak33l in supplying us ships with less than a days notice, Dre and Draiyman setting up and executing harassment in DD’s staging system, Grymkaos leading our pilots against superior numbers, Johann and Naz doing the massive coordinating behind the scenes, all point in a direction we can all be proud to fly toward. We will continue to build on this leadership team to support our alliance as we begin what might to some be a shocking change in our way of life. We move to Curse to begin this new chapter in our history.

For many individual pilots this will necessitate a shift in the way they play. All non-pvp activities should be dedicated to enabling pvp. To this end, I give you Angels and Serpentis missions. 100-200mil isk/hr, dwarfing the lowly 25mil ticks of nulsec ratting. Less time spend ratting is more time spent improving your abilities, joining fleets, working to help those newer than yourself and getting to know the pilots you fight beside. We as an alliance will dedicate ourselves to enabling the individuals development and healthy corp growth. For many, this may come as a sad day, for I propose that we leave behind what we have clung to, we stop being terrible, begin getting good and have fun winning.

For our corps this will require enhancing the support they give their members and the involvement they will have with the alliance leadership. This gives corp leaders the opportunity to recruit based not on access to sanctums and refineries, but on access to ready pvp with other pilots ready to fight with them. I strongly urge corps to grow their ability to support and grow their member base. The alliance leadership will retain the team that enabled us to fight toe-to-toe with DD and -a-. Triget as Exec, Bl1sk/Lezari/Grym/Finis as FC and campaign commanders, Demerlis as our Diplo, Shak33l in logistics, Bobroglaz as Capital Director, Lezari with Recon/Covops, and Johann in Intel. The CEOs of the alliance will be brought in to this group to have a close working relationship with alliance leadership. Integration is crucial to our efforts and I will work tirelessly to be inclusive.

Join us in Curse if this is what you want for yourself and your corp. This is what I want. I have in my mind a Tribe that is better in every way, one that lives up to its potential and transcends its origins. One that can stand up to any other alliance, one that can fight outnumbered, one that can win.

We will be basing out of this constellation:
There is not currently logistics in place for moving people there, look to your corps for assistance in moving.
The best low-sec staging system is Hoth:

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