The First Annual Meta Show Awards — 2018

Robert Miller 2019-01-08

Art by Redline XIII.

INN’s Meta Show gave kudos to some outstanding and not so outstanding events and achievements from last year, as voted on by (mostly) Imperium members. Show hosts DaBigRedBoat and The Mittani floated the awards idea a couple of weeks ago, and then made good on it by posting a survey to which about 350 people replied.

The “Biggest Single Moment” went to the July 31 X-47 Armor Timer fight. A Reddit post described the battle as “a long-running action in the early hours … (when) an Imperium fleet reinforced the shield of the NCdot staging Keepstar in the system of X47L-Q, Pure Blind. Unlike previously destroyed Keepstars in Aeschee and Kinakka, this structure is in constant and strategic use. Its destruction would be a substantial blow to northern efforts against the Imperium in the Pure Blind/Fade theatre.” INN reported that by 0518 EVE the following day the Keepstar had been reinforced, and that with “close to 60 titans down, score is 27 Imperium titans down, 29 Northern titans. Imperium lost a Molok, and many supers have been lost.” Nine days later the final timer brought over 5,000 pilots into X47L-Q for what is arguably the most expensive fight ever to take place in Eve.

Despite the carnage of that and other battles that made up the war with no-agreed-upon name, one alliance “thrived”. Meta awarded “Alliance That Thrived” to Goons and by association the Imperium. Co2 was given the less splashy label of the alliance that “Failed,” and leaked audio from last month appeared to confirm that.

Moving things to and fro is a full time job for some Eve players, and military move ops make up some of the most carefully planned and executed operations. Some go well, and some don’t. “Best Move Op” was given to The Initiative who over a year-long campaign moved 100 freighters into Hard Knocks’ home system, a C5 wormhole they called Rage. That led to the destruction of Hard Knocks’ staging Keepstar, a second Keepstar heretofore assumed unassailable, and their eviction from Rage.

“Worst Move OP” went to XiX when “United Crusade forces put its staging Keepstar into its final reinforcement timer. Recognizing that the end was nigh, XiX decided to mount a full alliance evacuation from Insmother.” Total losses stood at 2917.28 billion ISK by DRF/TEST, 570.6 billion ISK by TRI and their allies, 22.07 billion ISK by the Imperium and 53.32 billion ISK by NC/PL and allies.

The “Worst Dread Bomb” loss started as a fight over an Athanor armor timer and ended with 300 dreads in pieces. “Best Dread Bomb” went jointly to Goons and TEST. The Goon dread bomb began when “several DARKNESS titans were destroyed by a massive dread bomb by various combined lowsec and southern forces in the Pure Blind system of ROIR-Y. The initial engagement that sparked the severe response was reported to have been four Goonswarm Federation citadels in the process of anchoring. Guardians Of The Galaxy (GOTG) coalition brought in long-range Titans with minimal carrier and Force Auxiliary support, leaving them vulnerable to sustained damage from close-range dreadnoughts.” The TEST dread bomb took place during an attack on Pandemic Legion’s and Northern Coalition’s defense of an Athanor in the Providence region system of D-GTMI.

They say you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. For the “Best Turncoat Moment” Pandemic Horde didn’t take kindly to GOTG signing a peace deal with the Imperium and reset their old “friends.” In related awards, for “Biggest Mistake”, Horde won for rejecting that peace deal, and Pandemic Legion won for warping to range during the UALX- Keepstar fight

Awards were also given for most or least threats by region, citing the Imperium’s home region Delve as “Most Deadly Region to Visit”, and Outer Ring as the “Most Passive Region to Visit”. Dotlan’s numbers are a little different, but maybe it’s a case of the threat appearing in the eye of the beholder.

Finally, viewers were asked “What to Watch for in 2019”, and the winner was “will Pandemic Legion survive?”

In addition to the awards, the show listed how many of the biggest ships in the game were blasted out of space last year, among them:

  • 32% (281) of all Titans ever killed (878).
  • 33% (1,153) of all super carriers ever toasted (3,510).
  • 38% (3,449) of all Rorquals ever destroyed (9,072).
  • 35% (17,748) of all Dreads ever obliterated (50,293).

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