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The New Russian Coalition

Ketriaava 2019-02-18

In a State of the Alliance posted to Reddit on February 17, Russian groups from across the galaxy have agreed to a mutual combining of forces from numerous alliances and coalitions. Alliances Legion of xXDeathXx, RAZOR, Siberian Squads, Bright Side…

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Triumvirate Sees Comeback in Insmother Supercap Fleet Brawl

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-07

In February, INN reported Triumvirate’s (TRI) decision to withdraw from their home in Insmother after seven months of conflict with Drone Region Federation (DRF). At the time, they declared their intent to wage an assymetric guerilla war, but always with…

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DRF Coalition Meeting – Pulling back to Insmother

Rhivre 2018-04-22

April 21, UAxDeath called a coalition meeting of the Drone Region Federation to discuss their current situation and their future moves. The background for this meeting is the ongoing incursion into their space by Skill Urself (including a Keepstar kill…

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Pandemic Horde to abandon Fade and Pure Blind, relocate to Geminate

Paramemetic 2018-02-11

After a day of rampant rumor and speculation on Reddit, sources inside Pandemic Family confirmed that Pandemic Horde will be relocating its operations to Geminate. In a forum post today, Horde leadership announced their plans to relocate from Fade and…

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Goons Cause Chaos in 70b Detorid Fight

JMoravia 2018-01-28

You probably think you know the way warfare goes in Eve.  Two sides each bring their allies, face off on the grid, and start wrecking each other.  That all makes sense. It’s also boring, at least to Goons. A fight broke…

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Marathon fight over i-hub in Detorid

Rhivre 2017-11-26

A five-hour fight took place in Detorid on November 25, over a Solar Fleet ihub in KZ9T-C, with the final losses coming in at 105b for Triumvirate & Fraternity, and 146b for XIX, TEST, Solar and friends. We caught up…

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Heavy Fighting in Insmother Claims Over 500b ISK

Anehii 2015-10-13

In Insmother on October 12 at approximately 1700 UTC in YPW-M4, the collective forces of Red Alliance (RA), Dream Fleet (DRF) and Stainwagon (SW) engaged a defending force comprised of Triumvirate (TRI), Legion of xXDEATHXx (XIX), SOLAR, and other local forces over a…