Heavy Fighting in Insmother Claims Over 500b ISK


In Insmother on October 12 at approximately 1700 UTC in YPW-M4, the collective forces of Red Alliance (RA), Dream Fleet (DRF) and Stainwagon (SW) engaged a defending force comprised of Triumvirate (TRI), Legion of xXDEATHXx (XIX), SOLAR, and other local forces over a reinforced hafnium moon. The POS was destroyed by RA and DRF in the early phases of the engagement although they ultimately lost the ISK war and the hafnium moon resides within the hands of TRI as of this writing. Numerous groups came to third party on the engagement including the combined forces of Northern Coalition., (NCdot), and Pandemic Legion (PL). The Imperium also fielded an expeditionary force under the command of Dabigredboat. Two different battle reports, offering two perspectives of the engagement, have been made available.

In addition to fielding six titans, 15 supercarriers, 17 dreadnaughts and 4 carriers, RA, DRF, and SW used a Machariel fleet along with strategic cruisers, Cerberi, recons, logistics, and various sub-capital support to siege the hafnium moon POS. TRI, XIX, SOLAR along with various local forces brought  2 titans, 19 supercarriers, 21 dreadnoughts, and 9 carriers supported by dual Proteus and Machariel fleets to drop or warp onto the RA/DRF/SW forces after the POS was downed. PL and NCdot arrived with Ishtars and Legion, opting to third party on both TRI and allies although ultimately committing mainly to tackled RA and DRF tackled supers. The Imperium brought a small sub-capital skirmishing fleet comprised of Caracals, Vexors and other sub-capital offerings, opting to third party on any ship of the engagement. The majority of ISK damage dealt was to the RA, DRF and allied forced amounting to an estimated 570b ISK. TRI, XIX, SOLAR and friends managed to sustain losses of only 78b ISK. The combined third partying forces only sustained damages totaling slightly over 4.5b ISK.

Notable kills included the demise of two Dream Fleet titans, a Ragnarok and Avatar worth 107b and 111b ISK respectively. Additional major losses for RA and DRF forces included four carriers, 10 dreadnoughts and seven supercarriers. TRI and allies lost 13 dreadnoughts and three of their nine carriers. As far as sub-capital losses go RA and DRF sustained heavy losses including 78 Machariels, 25 Cerberi, 28 Tengus, 19 Dominix, 13 Oneiros, and many more sub-capital ships. 42 Sabres belonging to the forces of TRI and company were lost during the efforts to keep the RA and DRF supers tackled. The majority of losses oweing to TRI and allies destroyed assets penalizing their ISK score included 13 dreadnoughts, 3 carriers and 15 Machariels.


While the events transpired in YPW, an NCdot superfleet trying to make headway into the engagement got stuck after an Aeon got lost. While en route to the engagement the NCdot Aeon owned by Anja Niemann warped to an asteroid belt by mistake, instead of aligning, finding themselves taken care of in due course by Red Alliance and company. The Aeonwas worth an estimated 29b ISK. X_D of NCdot recounted the unfortunate demise of the ill-flown supercarrier via a post in the eve subreddit.

“We were going to go to that super brawl in insmother, people were bubbling us the entire way. One &*%$ aeon decided that align = warp, warped off while most of us were still bubbled, and the dictors put up sling bubbles so we couldn’t save him without splitting the fleet. Then we spent like… 2 hours killing dictors until eventually jumping out because 800 dudes is 2spooky4us, and allegedly Russia was going to drop their super fleet + dreads on us. Tbh, if they had actually nutted up they probably would have killed a few of us (aka the leviathan/hel/rag) for their dread fleet, which is 100% worth it. All in all, yet another aeon dies by being dumb, and all our subcap mains got a shitload of kills so w/e. Anyone notice how people pick aeons because “they are tankiest”, and yet aeon pilots are also the ones who always do stupid shit that kills them?”


The events that transpired on this day in YPW are murkey and muddled with the agravating effects of third parties and batphones. A TRI posting by Garst Tyrell of TRI tells this side of the story. The story is included on page 2.

Will heavy fighting in the galactic East, such as what occured today, continue into the near future? RA and DRF after all failed in uprooting TRI from their Hafnium moon. Please stay tuned as TMC continues to monitor the situation in Insmother.

TMC has begun to reach out to those involved in the conflict and will update with their responses accordingly. 

The following post was made by Garst Tyrell to the Failheap-Challenge forums on the events that transpired on October 12

YPW BR http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=784&b=6721503&e=270&t=Ksuwycv7vfbaaaaaaaaaaaae&r=1
U-Q BR http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1155&b=6721710&e=120&t=erururbaqaaqaaaaeaaqb&r=1
O-SHT BR http://evf-eve.com/services/brcat/?s=1009&b=6721800&e=80&t=fquefrvuqq&r=1

A hafnium POS owned by TRI exited RF in YPW system. XIX/SOLAR formed a 200-man combined proteus fleet while TRI and local blues SNOVA/CORD formed an armor arty machariel fleet that later topped out at 120 with latecomers. RA/DRF batphoned SW who arrived with a 150 man cerberus fleet that sat on a titan in wicked creek waiting for us to take the fight. RA/DRF brought their 200man mach doctrine fleet to YPW and killed the TRI POS. XIX/SOLAR proteus warped to the now dead YPW pos and began the fight, TRI and SW bridged in at their optimal and a war of positioning began.

RA/DRF tried to rely on triage to tank their machs in a ball, but XIX counter-dropped with an initial handful of dreads to kill the triage. With the triage gone the RA machs could not tank and were being eaten alive by TRI machs at range and russian proteuses at 0. SW continued to chip away at us from long range with heavy missiles.

RA/DRF counter-dropped in over 15 supercarriers and 6 titans of mixed type onto the XIX dreads instantly. However we won the initial subcap war and with the RA support dead and SW still at range, XIX chose to escalate with more dreads of their own. RA/DRF came back in a mixed domi/mach fleet while SW prioritized killing our dictors. RA support once again was dying as they dropped a number of additional dreads (10?) onto XIX. XIX once again counter-dropped with apex force including supercapitals and titans. At this point RA realized they couldnt hold the field and their only priority became extraction.

SW continued shooting dictors while TRI cleared support and XIX used their capital force to kill the RA dreads and begin to hit the supers. At this time NCDOT arrived with a 100man armor t3 fleet and attempted to help tackle the supers and kill the SW cerbs, but were unable to decisively tackle them. Separately a[sic] NCDOT supercapital force moving to the scene through Catch was hard tackled on their midpoint cyno by SW and was unable to reach the battle. Around this time 50 CFC in t1 cruisers and various other small third parties showed up to whore the fight and feed our hungry hungry machs. RA returned a final time with a tengu fleet to clear tackle.

PL arrived with a 100man armor heavy drone ishtar fleet and began to engage the supers and TRI, though eventually an accommodation was reached and both sides finished the supers. RA continued to try to bomb their supers free of bubbles while TRI dodged gate camps and hunters to reship more and more interdictors to keep the supers tackled long enough for the XIX capital fleet to kill them. A number of RED supers and a few titans managed to escape by starbursting through the bubbles and forcing our dictors to spread out to keep them all tackled.

After the field was secure, XIX, NCDOT and PL raced to U-Q in Catch to free the NCDOT tackled superfleet that SW had since burned to with their cerbs. 1 aeon who failwarped to a belt died and there was rumor of the SW supercap fleet moving into range to drop. Provibloc and INIT were also on grid with cerberuses and ishtars respectively to brawl down NCDOT. As TRI arrived NCDOT with XIX/PL’s help was able to free tackle and extract all supers. They no longer wished to fight so TRI continued to snipe provibloc for a bit before leaving the system with XIX.

On the way out SW cerb and provibloc cerbs with INIT ishtars jumped after XIX/TRI and a brief skirmish occurred. XIX was unable to tank so XIX + TRI left the fight although TRI managed to snipe a number of ships on the way out.

The YPW hafnium POS has already been replaced and is safely back in TRI hands.

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