The New Russian Coalition


In a State of the Alliance posted to Reddit on February 17, Russian groups from across the galaxy have agreed to a mutual combining of forces from numerous alliances and coalitions.

Alliances Legion of xXDeathXx, RAZOR, Siberian Squads, Bright Side of Death, Red Alliance, and others have announced the forming of a singular Russian coalition in the southern regions, primarily centered in Tenerifis.

This development marks a substantial change in the positions of these alliances, many of whom have been renowned and sometimes notorious adversaries of one another for years. While the extent of commitment from the Russian alliances is yet to be determined, the sentiment shown appears to intend these alliances will be dedicating everything they have.

“It’s time to stop thinking about selfish interests that do not lead to anything good in the long run, and we will do it,” Red Menace Coalition’s autocrat Chutlanin declared, as he spoke in English for the latter half of the SOTA. “Forget everything which was in the past, and remind ourselves that we have strength in us. It’s [time] to unite RU community.”

This new coalition, which is as yet unnamed, has announced its plans to engage Fraternity and the rest of the Winter Coalition. Currently, Fraternity has been in conflict with Bright Side of Death in the region of Scalding Pass, with sizable battles sparking over various objectives (examples visible here and here), with Fraternity taking control of most of BSOD’s main constellation, and the rest of their systems reinforced. Should this conflict escalate with the new Russian coalition, fighting could easily spread from Tenerifis to the neighbouring regions of Wicked Creek and Detorid.

Though most conflicts in recent times have been victim to large-scale intervention and third-partying, there seems to be some genuine, and in this writer’s opinion, refreshing, desire to avoid such a fate for the coming conflict.

During the SOTA, Chutlanin appeared confident in their ability to do so. “[WinterCo] earned profit and power at our expense, now it’s time to get this very profit and power at their expense,” he said.

INN will keep you apprised of new developments as the situation unfolds.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    The DRF rightly want revenge. The picking apart of the DRF was an orchestrated affair, a well played one though by any standard. You had Tri, Co2, Frat and others all eating into DRF space. The reason for this was to secure the vast amounts of rental space that was controlled by the DRF. If you want to look at who benefited from this dismantling of the DRF then you only need look at the sov map. But even the sov map is an illusion as Skill Urself, with their 1300 pilots, could not hold the amount of space that they do without permission.

    There are several challenges facing the united Russians. Although the Russians are facing off against Winter Coalition other parties have a vested interest in keeping the Winter Coalition right where they are. This will mean that if the Russians decide to use bigger toys then they can expect surprise interventions. I would think that the Russians can expect support from Legacy, if only of a token nature. This will then give PanFam aligned entities a reason to also get involved. It would be foolish to expect The Imperium to not turn up if only in support fleets to shoot at PanFam, there is no love lost there.

    At a more micro level the Russians will likely have to deal with AU TZ timers. Russian command structure will also need to be proven as we all know how performance can suffer and friction in leadership occur unless all are on the same page. There is much more to consider such as supply, resources and even willpower.

    All in all an interesting one to watch out for and this could easily be the conflict that defines 2019.

    February 18, 2019 at 11:20 AM
    • The Russians will have to deal with CN TZ timers, not AU. There is an important couple of hours difference in play here – AUTZ is off to bed on weeknights when CN kicks in properly.

      That is probably where Siberian Squads will come more into play, as these guys tend to be more eastern-Russian based and far closer to the CN TZ (hence the name).

      The overall timezone differences will work out slightly in CN’s favour. It’s generally easier to stay up late for an op than it is to get home from work early.

      February 19, 2019 at 5:29 AM
  • General Thade

    This happened in wormhole space and they got their asses kicked. I wonder if it will turn out different in K-Space. Outlaws Kicked the bucket because they wanted to fight back against “oppressors” but really they couldn’t compete. I wish this coalition luck in fighting against their English speaking enemies, but it is going to be hard, English speaking player groups have a clear supremacy over Russian speaking groups in terms of numbers and wealth.

    February 18, 2019 at 7:36 PM
    • Guilford Australis General Thade

      Also, most of these alliances are way past their prime. Sure, mashing XIX, RAZOR, Red Alliance, and the rest of them against FRT will probably keep the Chinese busy – for a time. But FRT has been cozy with PanFam recently, and it’s only a matter of time before the big boys descend from the north to crap on whoever’s bullying their vassal. Maybe TEST or The Imperium will decide to third-party, in that case, but then it would just be another Imperium/PanFam conflict and both the Russians and Chinese would get pushed to the periphery. Such is the state of nullsec politics in 2019, I suppose.

      February 18, 2019 at 9:30 PM
  • I like the Russians: good for them. I’m half tempted to go lend a hand myself.

    February 19, 2019 at 3:45 AM
  • yogizh

    I approve of this blin.

    February 20, 2019 at 10:21 AM
  • Catherine Laartii

    The Russians are coming.

    February 26, 2019 at 8:46 PM