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The Drafting Table: Punisher

Robby Kasparic 2017-11-12

Welcome to the latest edition of The Drafting Table. This time a scrappy Amarr brawler takes center stage. With a name like Punisher, it has to be good. Backstory There is not much of a backstory unfortunately. I was playing…

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CCP News: Community Fittings Initiative Launched

Robby Kasparic 2017-10-19

On October 17, a news post from CCP announced the launch of the Community Fittings initiative. First mentioned by CCP Fozzie at EVE Vegas 2016, this project aims to provide curated, player-designed fits as a resource to newer players. The…

22 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Warzone Legion

Robby Kasparic 2017-09-22

With the Warzone event in full swing, Sleepers have appeared in normal space. The mysterious Quartermaster has asked for capsuler help in recovering some information from the wrecks that populate battlefields across New Eden. However, some fully armed and operational…

3 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Hackerman Comet

Robby Kasparic 2017-08-27

Welcome back to The Drafting Table. This time, we take a look at a solo sov warrior. The pride of the Federation Navy takes center stage as the Comet gets its entosis on. Backstory At the commencement of the Imperium’s…

5 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: RHML Typhoon

Robby Kasparic 2017-06-09

Welcome to this edition of The Drafting Table, where we look at one of my favourite looking ships in the game, the Typhoon. Background The Typhoon has been a ship that intrigued me, since my days of running level four…

5 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Autocanon Scorpion

Robby Kasparic 2017-05-18

For those wondering, the title is accurate and you may commence your roasting of me in the comments now. The Drafting Table takes a turn to the strange this time, looking at a Caldari battleship with a distinctly non-Caldari weapon…

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The Drafting Table: Rocket Hookbill

TMC Archives 2016-06-23

Welcome to the second issue of The Drafting Table. Slight formatting change: the images are now links to the EFT blocks. This time we are going to look at the opposite side of the sub-cap size spectrum compared to the Hyperion. The…

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The Drafting Table: Solo Hyperion

Robby Kasparic 2016-06-15

Welcome to the first edition of what will hopefully become a recurring series. Many thanks to TMC’s own Macky Avelli for the fantastic banner and thumbnail! Here I am going to present fits that I have either personally flown or theorycrafted….