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Idle Ideas: Ruminations on LowSec

Romulus Loches 2021-12-16

So I would like to preface this by stating that I have not considered LowSec to be my main area of gameplay in quite some time. That said, I do have friends that I talk to who still live there,…

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Deep Dive: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-03

In an effort to maintain a constant stream of updates and open monitoring between the player base and the developers, CCP dove into their perspective, goals, and progress in their latest dev-blog The Eve Online Ecosystem Outlook. The blog opens…

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CCP’s Vision: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-01

On Monday, March 30, CCP posted “The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook” dev-blog in which they introduce their long term goals for EVE Online, as well as the major updates planned to achieve them. The Ecosystem Segment The dev-blog starts with…

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March Patch Notes: Markets, Tiericide, No Moon Changes, Yet

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-11

CCP’s “Broker Relations” patch deployed to Tranquility on March 10. The full patch notes are available here, but here’s a rundown of the key changes, which will no doubt be explored in more detail as we see how they shake…

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Dev-Blog: Refineries and How To Set Them Up

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-10-22

Unless you have been living in a space cave for the last 6 months or so, you should know at least something about the new expansion, Lifeblood, which is coming to Tranquility on October 24, 2017. This will: Bring a new…

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Moon Mining Now on SISI

Rhivre 2017-08-29

In preparation for the winter expansion, CCP have announced that the moon mining changes are now available on the test server, SISI. Reactions are not yet available, but will be on the server soon. Changes are not usually on SISI…

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Moon Mining: A Huge Blind Spot

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-08-01

In CCP’s July Update, there was a number of encouraging updates and teasers. I was especially excited about the fact that CCP actually listened to the community regarding the Blood Raider Shipyard issue. They even said they planned on making…

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Devblog – Moon Mining Changes

Rhivre 2017-07-19

CCP released a devblog today, July 19, to give out more information about the moon mining changes coming this winter. The blog reiterates what we already know about the moon mining. Each moon can only have 1 refinery on it…

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EVE Fanfest 2017 Reveals: CCP Signals the end of Aegis Sov?

Arrendis 2017-04-28

At this year’s FanFest, CCP discussed three upcoming changes to EVE’s gameplay; PvE improvement, changes to moon mining to facilitate Starbase removal, and the replacement of Stations and Outposts with destructible Citadels. Individually, these changes are all steps further down…

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Eve Fanfest Update: Structures

Erick Asmock 2017-04-09

One of the most interesting and anticipated presentations of Fanfest 2017 was the Structure Update by CCP Fozzie and CCP Nagual. The presentation was packed with information but still left us hanging on a few key points. To be honest it…

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43: Rethinking Profit

TMC Archives 2010-04-25

EVE is a game based upon an idealized capitalistic economy, a place where every market participant is immortal and cannot starve, where goods always work as advertised and there is no regulation whatsoever – a post-scarcity dystopia. For the vast…

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7: Creating a Sovholding Alliance

TMC Archives 2009-04-11

In EVE, the taking and holding of conquerable space by alliances in 0.0 is the closest thing to ‘endgame content’ available in another MMO. Unlike raiding in WoW, which almost anyone who plays gets a chance to try at some…