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BREAKING: Market Tax Changes Announced

Jin'taan 2019-07-29

As predicted in a previous article by Rhivre, through another lore announcement, changes to EVE’s tax system have been revealed to the public – both transaction tax and brokerage fees are being hiked to 5%, from 2% and 3% respectively. …

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Arms Race Event – Effect on the Market

mistwarden 2018-01-02

Following on from my first piece on the arms race update, I wanted to look into the impact of injecting a large number of ships into the market. We will use market data from Jita, to look at the week running…

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Let’s Talk About PLEX

Rhivre 2017-06-28

There have been a lot of discussions lately around the rising PLEX prices.  Since the Great PLEX Split of 2017 on May 9, the price for a month’s worth of PLEX has risen from 1.25 billion to 1.5 billion ISK….

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All Aurum Transferred to PLEX in Effort to Cool Market

Jack 2017-05-23

CCP announced without warning today that all Aurum balances below 1000 AUR have been converted into PLEX. “We are happy to announce that all pilots who had aurum balances outstanding from the PLEX changes have now had their converted PLEX…

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Market History Data Problems

Rhivre 2017-02-21

The markets in Eve are used by everyone, whether you are dumping your loot to buy orders, building ships, or trading the weekly price swings.  For those who interact with the market for more than instant buys and sells, a…

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EVE’s Sleeker, Smarter Market Graphs

vicarious 2016-12-27

While the Rorqual nerf received most attention from the recent update, CCP also introduced new features to the Market Window to help new or lay traders better understand the dynamics of supply and demand. Some of this is a slight…

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Offshoring – Tax avoidance comes to New Eden

Rhivre 2016-06-26

In the last few days, a new term has entered the lexicon of New Eden: Offshoring. In the real world, offshore companies are companies which make use of tax havens to reduce their tax bill, and, it is the same…

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Anschau 2015-07-10

Jed Stevens, pilot of the Bastion, and renowned Ahab of stray supercaps, has finally gotten around to cashing in some of the loot from his famous whale hunts. The drop from his latest supercap kill was severely overvalued, mainly due to…

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Why Do People Bot?

Submission 2013-08-31

Botters are possibly the most hated demographic in EVE. Despised by everyone not among their number and most of their kin, many people believe all bots should be permanently banned from EVE—and some are. This leads to a most intriguing…