Jed Stevens, pilot of the Bastion, and renowned Ahab of stray supercaps, has finally gotten around to cashing in some of the loot from his famous whale hunts. The drop from his latest supercap kill was severely overvalued, mainly due to a killboard error regarding the price of the Shadows dropped in the wreckage. However, it turns out the killboard might not have been that far off after all.

Oliver Kane posted a buy order for several Shadows, but neglected to check his work. The buy order went up with one too many zeroes, allowing to Jed Stevens to swoop in and complete the transaction. The end result was three Shadows trading hands for bargain price of 8.2 billion ISK a piece.

A screenshot of the journal log was provided to TMC shortly after it occured.

Market errors continue to be a lucrative, but unpredictable, source of income for many throughout the game, especially for those with more exotic merchandise. Unusual or expensive buy orders are more likely to sit in error longer than common items, providing those in the unique position to fulfill them more breathing space to take advantage. We have reached out for Oliver’s take on the exchange, but it appears he logged out right after the sale and has not been on since. Jed Stevens said he continues to be thankful for the Shadows.

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