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EVE World Tour: Invasion Tournament

Dirk Stetille 2019-03-02

On March 1, CCP Dopamine published a dev-blog discussing 2019 tournament opportunities, as a follow up on the February 13 Alliance Tournament Update. This blog detailed the promised competitive PvP options available at CCP’s supported Tour events, as well as…

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Is A Massive Nerf of Delve Ratting Coming?

Arrendis 2018-12-24

CCP may secretly be planning to take drastic actions to nerf the Imperium’s income with a nerf of ratting activities in the Southwest of New Eden. This potential move comes as the Monthly Economic Report has once again shown Delve…

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Operation Permafrost: an Introduction

mistwarden 2018-12-17

Operation Permafrost has been unleashed onto the test server on Saturday and has given players a chance to test and explore the event before it goes live on December 17. According to CCP Sledgehammer, “[We] hope you enjoy this one;…

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Live Events Continue: Ushra’Khan And AmarrMil Clash Over Kahah

Arrendis 2018-11-09

In a follow-up to a story INN first reported on November 5, CCP’s renewed engagement in live events with players continues. At roughly 1800 UTC on November 5, Minmatar FW alliance Ushra’Khan (U’K) undocked a Providence-class freighter in Kahah. A…

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Fweddit Self-Destructs 20B in Highsec Storyline Action

Arrendis 2018-11-05

KAHAH—November 4, 2018: Between 16:42 and 16:54 UTC, Fweddit members and alts in Fwehman Brothers Holdings, Viziam, and Flight of the Kiwis self-destructed nine freighters worth 22 billion ISK. This move is the latest activity in an ongoing storyline connected…

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EVE Online Crimson Harvest Live Event

mistwarden 2018-10-30

The humble ‘cerebral booster’ has come a long way from its first iteration as a training booster for low skill point characters to the versions we get almost every month now to feed our addiction for faster skill training. The…

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CCP Live Event: CONCORD Universal Timebase Expedition

Arrendis 2018-01-07

YULAI, Jan 6, YC 120 – CONCORD and Project Discovery have launched a new research initiative. Its purpose is to “compare the accuracy of the current universal timebase” with newly-developed instruments for measuring time. The research team, headed up by Dr….

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Amarr Empire holds State Funeral for Jamyl I

TMC Archives 2015-09-21

The morning of Sunday the 20th of September was the day that the leaders, the highest dignitaries and elite of Amarr society assembled together to celebrate the reign of Jamyl Sarum and to offer their respects for her passing. Security…

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Jamyl State Funeral Announced —Will Drifters Threaten Security?

TMC Archives 2015-09-16

Imperial officials have announced that the official state funeral of Empress Jamyl I will take place on Amarr Prime on Sunday, September 20. Officials have stated that security concerns are paramount, the potent shields over the Imperial City have been enhanced….