Amarr Empire holds State Funeral for Jamyl I


The morning of Sunday the 20th of September was the day that the leaders, the highest dignitaries and elite of Amarr society assembled together to celebrate the reign of Jamyl Sarum and to offer their respects for her passing. Security surrounding Dam-Torsad’s historic Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet was naturally extremely tight and only the most high-ranking of Imperial society and visiting dignitaries were able to find room. Other citizens, no matter their political leanings, including many Amarr from other worlds watched the solemn, dignified ceremony however and wherever they could, including other houses of worship. We are glad to report that the state funeral was unmarred by any tragic incidents

The other Empires of New Eden were also well represented. Among the Amarr Empire’s allies, the Caldari State delegation included CEOs Haatakan Oiritsuu of Kaalakiota, and Kuikiainen Onita of Suukuvestaa, as well as board members from all of the so-called ‘Big 8’ megacorporations. CONCORD’s Chief Officer of the Inner Circle, Irhes Angireh, and Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the DED, believed by some to be in charge of CONCORD’s strategic response to the Drifter threat, were also in attendance. Far less expected was the showing by nations whose relationships with the Amarr have been less complimentary. Not only was the Minmatar Republic’s ambassador present as the offical representative of the Tribes, but also Bjongausen Agnake, the Chief Operative of Republic Security Services. The Gallente Federation, however, surprised most observers with the attendance of President Jacus Roden, whose movements are usually extremely difficult to conceal.

Speculation is however rife in that notable House leaders, Imperial Minestries and military leaders were not present. We cannot help but wonder what this means for the upcoming Succession Trials and continuing military readiness against another Drifter attack. With so very many high level military and intelligence types under the same roof, what might this imply for New Eden politics in the forseeable future? Will the smoke-filled backrooms of the Imperial City play host to political maneuverings and secret alliances? We will of course do our best to keep you updated.

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