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Cherrypickers Must Die

Elthar Nox 2021-07-02

Cherrypicking is the worst thing in EVE Online. This is a rant, so hold on to your analysers. The method of using a cargo scanner during exploration is a despicable act – it has repercussions that spread far further than…

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Make PvE Great Again

Lofac 2021-04-24

The one thing almost the entire player base of EVE online can agree on is that PVE is generally a boring stale grind. I started playing EVE in 2010 and have tried many things for various lengths of time; missions,…

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The Merry Misadventures of John Wilkes Bluetooth – Part 1: Holing Up

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-23

As I mentioned here, I’m a newish capsuleer who had to go win Eve for a while back in 2018 due to RL circumstances, and who is now returning to the game. My favorite part of Eve has always been…

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Exploration Part 3: The Final Step

Soulweave 2019-02-01

Hello again Explorers. Welcome to my third and final part of my exploration guide series. Unlike previous parts (part 1 and part 2), this is the what I would call the advanced section, where having good skills are required to…

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Exploration Part 2: The next step

Soulweave 2019-01-14

Hello again, explorers. In continuation of my exploration guide series, Part 1 available here, whether you are using an Alpha account or Omega account, are a brand new player or returning player who wishes to explore data and relic sites,…

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Exploration: The first steps

Soulweave 2019-01-07

EVE Online is a sandbox game like no other. In New Eden, players can choose to do what they want to do, and the game has long since introduced the New Player Experience (NPE), which has helped make it easier…

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Triglavian Tech: A Magnifying Glass on Mutaplasmids

JuriusDoctor 2018-05-05

Header Art by Smultar Into the Abyss brings the promise of significant advancements as capsuleers gain access to Triglavian weapons platforms, ship designs, and biotechnologies like mutaplasmids. While we do not yet have any firm information or devblogs from CCP,…

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Anehii 2016-01-16

First, strange sound-emitting artifacts, now strange new creatures. Alien life has been revealed to the world of Elite: Dangerous. Last year, a strange artifact was found in the Pleiades Nebula, approximately 380 light years from our solar system. The artifact…

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Submission 2015-08-21

The cold darkness. She certainly is not our friend, more an unforgiving mistress, seeking to claim our lifeless flesh. However, many before us have succumbed to the cold darkness, and their long-forgotten carcasses can be stripped of their wealth, delivered,…

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How To Find Exploration Sites In EVE

TMC Archives 2014-11-26

Finding exploration sites in known space (k-space) is one of the most frustrating parts of being an explorer in EVE. Individual exploration sites (cosmic signatures other than wormholes) often pay extremely well, but the time spent between sites drives down…

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FroggyStorm 2014-09-21

Whoever battles with monsters had better see that it does not turn him into a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Friedrich Nietzsche The dark allure of space is a…