Snuffed Out Dread Bombs the Dread Bomb – 82B ISK Capital Fight



On January 28 at 1950 EVE time, a 60-man capital brawl took place between Snuffed Out and LowSechnaya plus friends. The 81B ISK engagement began as a few Phoenixes sat on the station attempting to destroy jump freighters coming into the system. Snuffed Out then brought in ten dreadnoughts to attack the Phoenixes. LowSechnaya and friends answered the hot drop with even more dreadnoughts, but Snuff already saw them coming…

It’s Simple. We bomb the dread bomb


Hy Wanto Destroyer was the FC of the Snuffed Out fleet and was available to comment on the engagement.

TMC: How did this fight happen?

Hy Wanto Destroyer: It is pretty simple really. We had heard about LSH using three Phoenixes and a bumping Rorqual to kill JFs on the undock in Ignoitton. As it was LSH and we were unsure who else was coming, we just formed around 30 dreads with a handful of HICs and jumped to a midpoint. As our fatigue ran out, the Phoenixes were in the middle of their siege cycle, but LSH began logging out. That was when we dropped ten bait dreads on the undock.

TMC: Hopefully with all of them logging off you would have an advantage. Were they logging after coming from a fleet or something?

HWD: Nah, they were logging off because they had been waiting for a while. So we jumped in ten dreadnoughts to start killing the Phoenixes, LSH brought in their escalation force, and we brought in the rest right on top of them. It was good fun.


Snuffed Out brought in a total of thirty dreadnoughts supported by twelve HICs. They took the ISK war victory, but lost six dreadnoughts and a Legion for a total of 20.5B ISK. LSH & friends fielded twenty-one dreadnoughts and three HICs. The Russian group lost nineteen dreadnoughts in the brawl, costing an estimated 61B ISK.

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