Imperium Super Blob Caught in Fade


“This was mainly my fault as I decided to smartbomb The OSS gang. 7/10 would jump again.” – Jay Amazingness, Imperium FC


On January 28 at around 1630 EVE time, The OSS tackled an Imperium Chimera in C4C-Z4.  In an effort to save the Chimera, an Imperium supercarrier/titan fleet was formed. It jumped to the dying carrier in hopes of smart bombing all of the OSS stealth bombers.

With that many Imperium supercapitals in one place, it was an opportunity that many couldn’t pass up. As the fleet tried to leave, a 40.5B ISK fight began and raged on for nearly two hours in the system next door, L-C307.

Eve Online: Titan tackled in L-C307


TMC got a hold of Jay Amazingness, the Imperium FC responsible for starting the fight.

“It started off with The OSS tackling one of our ratting Chimeras with a bomber gang. Once there were enough bombers on grid we decided jump in some titans to smartbomb the bombers. We killed 2-3 bombers and a few interceptors and were getting ready to extract when a Sabre landed on us as we was warping off. This left one carrier tackled who later broke the bombers tackle and jumped out in 10% shields. When we landed on the gate dictors started streaming in and through intel we could see the hostiles bat phoning so we started to form CONDI subs to clear tackle.
We formed a 60ish man hurricane fleet to clear tackle however they were 10+ jumps away and had to take gates, the supers and titans by this point had jumped into L-C and started to align to the O1Y-ED gate. As we were aligning one of the titans bumped and got free of the bubbles he jumped to a exit cyno which, looking back was a good idea since he was an avatar in our shield gang.
More and more dictors were streaming into the system and local was up to 60ish when I scouted the Snuffed Out mach fleet of about 40 dudes. At this point we had formed supers / carriers under Sebastien Saintfrusquin and they were about to mid point. Allied fleets from all over Imperium space were sending fleets to Fade for this including (FCON Cerbr, SMA Armor T3s, LAWN/BASTION in T3Ds, and Asher Elias was forming Rattlesnakes for CONDI) Seb’s fleet mid pointed and local was at 150-170ish (mainly hostiles) our Hurricane fleet landed on grid and started clearing the inhibs that were up; however, due to low numbers a lot of them died and were told to join the subcap fleet.
A Hel in our fleet was primary for the hostiles and we kept it repped up so it didn’t drop below 98% shields. However, we couldn’t keep up with the tackle the hostiles were streaming in because our supers were being defanged by Oracles. As PL Sleipnirs landed on grid Seb was nearly ready to jump his fleet in so I dropped from our fleet to join his and lit my cyno on my Wyvern. Seb’s fleet came in and went to town on the Snuffed Out Mach fleet. They were AB fitand inside 50km of bubbles so they lost a bunch of dudes.

Grid was stable and tackle was being cleared, good fights were in local and the good guys won again. This was mainly my fault as I decided to smartbomb The OSS gang. 7/10 would jump again.”


During the fight, the Imperium’s entire Hurricane fleet was wiped out. Losing 12.5B ISK and 119 ships, the Imperium still won the ISK war. Half of the Snuff Box fleet was killed, while PL and the OSS/Hax/V0LTA Oracles left with nearly no losses. In total the attackers took 27.6B in losses over 146 ships. The most notable kill in the fight was D0nnieDark0’s 4.6B capsule. Keep flying in style, Snuff!

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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