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Triumvirate Titans and Supers Down in LS

mistwarden 2018-12-23

Ten Triumvirate titans and various support ships have been destroyed in what looks to be a move op gone wrong. The fighting took place in the Uemon system in the forge region. Total losses in the engagement topped 1.1 trillion…

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A Bigger Boat

David Matterall 2018-01-21

One of my favorite moments in film is the famous¬†jump-scare in “Jaws:” Brodi chums the waters to attract the eponymous man-eating shark, but when the beast peeps its head out the water, the tables are turned – the hunter becomes…

6 Supers are affected in the March Update Eve Online

Eve: Online March Update

Thel Ancora 2017-03-03

CCP has announced several balance changes that will make affect mining, small gang and tournament gameplay, fighters, anchorable bubble mechanics, and various quality of life updates. There is not yet a date set for the March release to be pushed…

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Imperium Super Blob Caught in Fade

TMC Archives 2016-01-30

“This was mainly my fault as I decided to smartbomb The OSS gang. 7/10 would jump again.” – Jay Amazingness, Imperium FC THE STAGE On January 28 at around 1630 EVE time, The OSS tackled an Imperium Chimera in C4C-Z4.¬†…

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Submission 2015-08-15

A new devblog by has been released by CCP, covering Citadel structures, which are slated to replace outposts and some POSes. It heavily implies that supers may now be dockable, which has huge implications for the game in regards to…