The story of The Imperium’s exclusive H1Z1 server

The Tranquility H1Z1: Just Survive server is home to approximately 300 people, according to the numbers of its Steam group. However, it originally started as a test server that The Imperium would use to experiment with base architecture, practicing attacking and defending player built bases, or simply somewhere to relax and get away from the feral PVP insanity that can be found on most other servers. I, myself, even dabbled in building a place of my own, and I imagine there is still a hut somewhere near Cranberry with my ATV parked next to it (though probably not, as this was several server wipes ago). This continued for several server wipe cycles as the main Imperium group hopped from PVP server to PVP server, making friends, enemies, and other contacts each step of the way. Many of these people were given access to Tranquility to use in much the same manner.

Several months ago, when Daybreak decided to split H1Z1 into two games, Tranquility was actually removed from the game, along with all other private servers. Administrators Spanks and MacCloud had to re-petition Daybreak to have it added again. The process of adding the server was done in short order, but it was the distribution of the 500 access codes that was the real task. Not wanting to have to manually get them out, Spanks decided to use the TMC website to do so, the same way we offer the custom TMC item skins. It was also at this time that The Imperium was reaching out to all of the other groups they had encountered over the past several wipe cycles, offering them what has become the servers motto: “Tranquility for All, Peace for None,” referring to the anti-hacking/exploitation ethic that has become one of the server’s hard and fast rules.

At the time the split, The Imperium was residing on one of the first build-restricted servers: Bandit (build restricted referring to certain areas where player built structures were prohibited in order to optimize server performance). “The Bandit server wipe, in my eyes saw the most game breaking bug to ever be brought to H1Z1 Bug, and that bug is called duping: the ability to take an item [or stack] and double it,” said Tranquility admin Spanks. This exploit led to players having more advanced weaponry such as IEDs, explosive arrows, and every variety of ammunition in near unlimited supply in much shorter time than would normally happen organically through the process of creating what is affectionately known as “The Boom,” or whichever implements of destruction are typically used in base assaults. Those not using the duping bug found themselves consistently outgunned at best, consistently homeless at worst.

So, through a near perfect storm of events, Spanks and MacCloud were left with their own whitelisted server, a clan dissatisfied with having to deal with players using such a powerful exploit, and a Rolodex full of other H1Z1 clans whose players felt the same way. Thus, Tranquility has become an exclusive place to be for H1Z1 players who want to have a game experience as close as possible to what the developers intended. Duping, along with other hacks like auto aim bots, can be reported and more importantly recorded using the administrative privilege of “spectator mode,” which, coupled with recording software, provides evidence of any malfeasance that can easily be sent to Daybreak for judgment, sentencing, and execution.

Any new player who would want to be a part of this would best be served by applying to join the Tranquility Steam Group. “That is really the central hub of where you can get in touch with the moderators if there is anything dodgy,” according to MacCloud. Spanks added that “a new player will be able to befriend all four admins.” New players will also be able to get in touch with any of the 20+ clans currently existing on Tranquility via the Steam Group, or more traditional means such as Reddit, the H1Z1 community forums, or simply meeting people in-game. Unfortunately, TMC is still waiting for its next set of codes to get fresh blood in the server…on the server…throughout the server…

The point is there’s going to be blood everywhere, so keep one eye on TMC for the latest opportunity to be a part of H1Z1’s most exclusive and elite server.

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  • shankz

    Good Day! I would like to ask if you will still give codes for new players to play in tranquility? We are planning to go back in this server since official servers are still having issues with this cheaters. Our new members doesn’t have access to this server. hoping you guys will release new codes.

    February 14, 2017 at 4:20 PM