The Imperium in H1Z1 is throwing open the gates of Tranquility. This is a (formally) exclusive whitelist server to all TMC members. No essay to join, no rules to obey, just good old fashioned PVP goodness. This is a big deal. To understand why, we need to take a look at the state of H1Z1 in general and whitelist servers in particular. First up, let me introduce myself. My name is Kabal, and I joined the Imperium and H1Z1 on invasion day. Since then I have had a lot of fun. I’ve raided bases, and killed newbies and bitter vets alike. I’ve hunted wild life, and on rare occasions (re?)killed zombies.  I’ve had great times killing things in the Imperium. Yet there has always been a shadow lurking in the background.  That shadow is the ever-present threat of Hackers. It’s a sad fact of life. There are some people who can’t enjoy themselves in multiplayer games without cheating.  This ends up being the turd in the punch bowl for everyone else. White list servers have emerged as a kind of defense against hackers. They give moderators extra controls. They also let players separate themselves from the general population. These whitelist servers are like an oasis in a desert of shit. So what did the gatekeepers of these servers do? They made them into private clubs.


For those who don’t know, Stronghold is the largest and most successful whitelist server in the game. But beyond being a whitelist server, that’s where its similarities to Tranquility end. The moderators run Stronghold like an RP server. They tell people how to act, when it is ok to shoot, who people can raid, where they can build, etc.. If that sounds confusing don’t worry. Stronghold comes with a list of expectations and rules. I kid you not, this list is 4000+ words long (and if a picture is worth thousand words quite a bit more than that). They insist that you fill out a lengthy essay and undergo a trial period. In short they’ve taken a sandbox and turned it into a simulation.


Tranquility represents something special. The Imperium formed in the crucible of Tranquility, the single shard server of EVE Online where strength is the only law. EVE has spawned some of the most interesting stories to ever come out of gaming, and some of its most engaging conflicts. At some deep level the players understood that the only rules were the ones they made themselves. We want to bring that spirit to H1Z1, and Tranquility is where we start. Like its Eve Online namesake the Tranquility server in H1Z1 will be a no holds barred pvp sandbox. To that end we are reaching out to clan leaders big and small to join us, and so far we have met with considerable success. This doesn’t mean that you have to be in a clan to join. Lone wolves, role players, KOS’er and carebears alike are all welcome. If you are new to the game just follow the TMC mumble walkthrough and join the Imperium. Once you’re in comms we’ll walk you through the rest, we love our new bro’s.


Entrance is open to all members of TMC. Just log in and click on the link to access your Tranquility Key (and pick up your free skins if you haven’t already). After that just follow the brief walk through on how to activate it. That’s it. If you never want to talk to a member of the Imperium, you don’t have to. If you’re just interested joining a whitelist server without bullshit or drama, that’s fine. Just have fun.

(This submission comes to us from Kabal, of the Imperium’s H1Z1 membership.)

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